It was only last week when the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program removed the lockscreen ads. It’s been a highly-anticipated move as those ads can be really annoying. But then again, we understand the low prices of the devices available are worth something. If you have a Prime phone, you may need to download an update for the change to take effect. The removal of lockscreen ads will greatly benefit the users and may even add numbers to Amazon’s sales. We’re guessing more people will finally decide to get from the Prime Exclusive lineup because the advertisements are gone.

Get the updated Amazon Offers app to remove the lockscreen apps. It can also be sideloaded if you don’t see the update yet. We’re more than happy to share with you this good news because especially after a quick mobile security scare. Remember when we told you about the Moto G5 with Amazon ads easily bypassing the lock screen security. Well, the Moto G5 lock screen bypass issue is found to be not a security flaw because simply turning off on-body detection in Smart Lock will remove the “problem”.

The lockscreen ads may be helping brands to sell but consumers may be overwhelmed. There are ways to delete the ads and stop them from showing up but being removed from the system totally is preferred. Good decision, Amazon. You’ve done well. The $20 increase in prices for the phones is forgiven.

Download Amazon Offers APK

VIA: XDA Developers