Yesterday, we told you about the Amazon Moto G5 that easily bypasses lock screen security. It is said to be experienced by several Moto G5 and G5 Plus phone owners. What happens is the that when the Android phone is unlocked, an ad shows up, and then when you click on the ad, you will be directed to a web browser that then takes you inside a security lock. It shouldn’t be happening because it means anyone can easily get inside your phone and bypass security.

Apparently, there is a worthwhile explanation. Of course, we’re only expecting for a solution but a certain Jaraszski Colliefox shared the reason could be this: on-body detection. It is a feature that needs to be disabled for the issue to be fixed.

This security flaw is non-existent but it goes away when you turn off the on-body detection feature in Smart Lock. We’re not sure why this is enabled though in some Android devices because those who experienced the “problem” claimed to have never enabled the on-body detection. It gets a bit confusing but we learned about this feature three years ago.

So if you’re one of those complaining about the lock screen being easily bypassed, simply turned off on-body detection in Smart Lock.

VIA: jaraszski