The HTC U11 is getting some new features. HTC USA shared last week that the flagship phone is getting a new personal assistant. If you’re thinking Google Assistant, it’s already there but this time, HTC decided to add Alexa instead. This feature is confirmed by a Chinese tech guy who said that he received a software update that included new #edgesense feedback animation, as well as, Amazon Alexa support.

This particular update brings the HTC phone Alexa plus a new visual feedback style. Download the update for your Edge Sense app and see for yourself how you can intuitively launch Google Assistant, new feedback animation, and more. The updates go live tomorrow, July 17, after being teased over the weekend.

ChengmingAlpert also posted a video demonstration of the Edge Sense with new functions. Feel free to enable gesture when screen is off or launch Camera app, default voice assistant, HTC Alexa, app, take a screenshot, or turn the flashlight on/off.

If you have an HTC U11 Android smartphone, expect to receive an OTA notification anytime soon. You’ll be “squeezing” your phone in new ways starting today so being on-the-go is way easier and more convenient now.

VIA: Chengming Alpert (1),(2)