Woo! Kill em all! That’s what you’re going to NEED to be doing when you play this fabulous game called Age of Zombies. This game is new to Android, having come out first only on Xperia PLAY (which is what we’re looking at in the review) and just TODAY coming out for the greater bulk of the Android family using on-screen controls instead of the Xperia PLAY’s Playstation controllers. What you’re doing here is surviving, but better than that, you’re stopping a zombie invasion from taking over and eating the entirety of the Earth after they’ve found their way into a time portal. What in the world? Let’s start em all on fire!

This game plays out from overhead, you controlling your little fighter man with a giant head in the classic murder-all-zombies fashion, that being the exact same two-joysticks fashion that we first became acquainted with in the game Gun Bros – a version of which we also happen to have reviewed for Xperia PLAY a few days ago. What you’ve got to do is make sure the zombie hoards don’t kill off humanity at the same time as you make sure they don’t kill YOU off – make sure you collect every weapon you find for superior murdering.

That said, this game reminds us of another similar game on a completely different platform. Ever heard of the massively popular flash-based game Boxhead Zombie Wars? It’s incredibly fun and incredibly similar to the game you’re seeing us demo here and now. If we could play Boxhead games on the Xperia PLAY you can bet that’d be the next thing we purchase, too!

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This game appears at first to be super simple, but once you’re running around edging out zombies and zombie dinosaurs and zombie this and zombie that, you’ll find that it’s so tense you’ll need a cold shower once you realize you’ve lost all your lives for the 50th time in a row. AKA this isn’t the easies game in the world just because it’s super cute! Those pixel zombies know what they’re doing!

You’re currently able to purchase this game for your non-Xperia PLAY Android device in the Android Market right this second or for your Xperia PLAY via your V-Cast app and your Xperia PLAY app in your app drawer. Don’t miss the rest of this Xperia PLAY app review series if you love getting pumped up about the Android / Playstation wave!