We’re about to go through a big fat marathon of reviews of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY’s device-specific games here and we’ve decided to start with one that’s been out for a few months but seems custom-tailored to be played with the knobs this device offers. Where before we were stuck with placing thumbs on the screen to control the two virtual joysticks this game requires, we’re now allowed to use the two much more responsive (mostly due to placement) joysticks provided by PlayStation. Is it enough to make us want to move to Xperia PLAY to continue our game?

We learned about this game in earnest back at Mobile World Congress 2011 and have been enthralled ever since. It was free back then, now it’ll cost you a few bucks via V Cast Apps. It is through V Cast Apps that you’ll have to purchase this version of the game, this being a fine system since we’re not going to be able to work with it without PlayStations controls anyway. The same is true of all other Xperia PLAY-specific apps thus far. Once downloaded, you do have to go through an extra download step to get the necessary MBs of game from GLU, the developers who bring you the game.

This may result in you pulling your hair out in anticipation, so beware.

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Once you’re in the game it’s basically exactly the same experience as you’ve had thus far with Gun Bros original save for the fact that you’re allowed to work with the PlayStation selection of buttons. It is with these buttons set aside from the screen that you’ll actually be able to win without missing enemies because they’re under your thumb hiding. If you’ve got big thumbs, this has been a problem for you thus far almost certainly.

What you’ve got now is a game that works slick as ever, feels completely natural being played with these wild new joysticks from Sony Ericsson, and the game feels brand new. Well done!