Adobe Lightroom for Android

Adobe officially released the Lightroom app for Android back in January and soon received an update to include RAW support and allow access to the microSD. Another update was just released and so the Lightroom for Android version 1.2 is now available.

Lightroom is one program I like to use for editing photos. It’s my go-to software when I need to make images clearer and improve with simple effects. I can’t say the same with the Android version because there are just too many photo editor apps available that seem better but we’re hoping the latest update brings an enhanced Lr for mobile experience.

With this update, you can now crop photos in a different way. You can quickly and easily align, auto-straigten, and align images with the re-designed app. You can also edit images by simply copying adjustments from other images previously edited. This way, editing images can be faster than ever. Adobe also added a new view in Collections. The Segmented view allows a new way to engage with and view the photos on mobile.

The app still features one-click presets and more advanced adjustment tools. If you don’t like the results, you can revert to the original image with one click. It’s a very convenient photo editing app because you can always edit, view, organize, and share photos to everyone from your mobile device to anywhere in the web or across mobile devices.

You can also easily access RAW photos across devices and straight from DSLRS to the mobile device. And if you use Lightroom from other devices, you can sync photo edits, as well as, those metadata and collection information all the time.

Download Adobe Lightroom from the Google Play Store