For those that buy Blu-ray titles and have noticed they always come with a downloadable digital copy mostly for your PC or iDevice things are about to change and soon they will be offering them for Android. With only a few movie watching or streaming options such as Netflix for Android and Hulu having limited options and device availability, being able to download any Blu-ray you buy would be a great addition.

20th Century Fox is aiming to change all that and will be bringing digital copy downloads to Android. The first movie they tested this with was actually Unstoppable but we didn’t hear much about it. 20th Century is looking to improve the system and programs already in place on PC and will allow you to download a digital copy and then side-load that to any and all of your Android devices, more than one.

I know previous users have reported just taking the Windows Media Player version and adding that to their SD card for playback but the new system will be fully supported and easy for all users. 20th Century Fox aims to get this rolling fast especially with how big Android is getting.

The first available film for Android digital copy is said to be X-Men: First Class and more will follow this fall. We should start seeing this in the U.S., UK, Germany and France with more coming soon.

[via SlashGear]