The Netflix for Android app received some updated information this morning as well as posted a huge list with 20+ supported devices, somehow they managed to update the info but they never hit the green button to push the update. It is however now available in the Android Market and you can get it now and try it on your own device.

Currently Netflix official playback is limited to just the list provided below, but as always some users are reporting it works on their phone by installing the APK manually. I’ll get right into the updated list so you can see if your phone is officially supported or not.

• Casio G’zOne Commando C771 with Android 2.2
• HTC Droid Incredible
• HTC Droid Incredible 2
• HTC G2
• HTC Thunderbolt
• Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet
• LG Revolution
• Motorola Atrix
• Motorola Droid
• Motorola Droid X
• Motorola Droid X2
• Motorola Droid 2
• Motorola Droid 3
• Samsung Droid Charge
• Samsung Epic 4G
• Samsung Galaxy S
• Samsung Galaxy S 4G
• Samsung Fascinate
• Samsung Nexus S
• Samsung Nexus S 4G

Two important parts I want to mention. First being the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet that was just announced this morning as it runs Honeycomb and is showing as being supported. That would be the first Honeycomb tablet to get Netflix. We also see the Droid Bionic on the list but we already know its coming soon, more clarification the better though right?

Either way head to the market and give it a try, I’ll be testing out that new APK on my Xoom soon and see if it works but I have my doubts.

[via Android Market]


  1. working on GALAXY TAB 7 Verizon (stock 2.2) – said it needed updating – updated automatic and replaced it – now working fine 

    afraid to log out – ill cry if it stops working 🙂

  2. Runs just fine on my ASUS Transformer.  However, it won’t start any videos.  “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service.  Please try again later…”

  3. Runs just fine on my ASUS Transformer.  However, it won’t start any videos.  “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service.  Please try again later…”

  4. This is the difference between the iPad and Android where there is no consistency in the open market.  I have the new Acer Iconia A500 and was bummed to see netflix not available on it.

      • It has to do with our good friend DRM. Hollywood will not allow HBO go or netflix, or any other DRM enabled media to work until the mfg gets DRM working on the device. HTC is really working hard to get theirs working and it looks like Lenovo and Motorolla are following suit. but it is completely up to the mfg, not Android. Google is pro freedom and doens not really want to deal with DRM due to the different hardware on each device.

    • watch it now does not work. app loads, but get error “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later…”  Hbo go does not play either on the Vizio. it will force cloe if you try to play something.

  5. This message is for Netflix: Please add support for the Virgin Mobile Androids, I have the LG Optimus V with unlimited data. Also the Archos 70 tablet: Thanks

  6. Netflix running on Android hardware, any android hardware is not up to Netflix or Google (android) it is up to the Manufacturer. They have to get their hardware DRM compliant. Hollywood and RIIA want to make sure people are not copying the 3 to 10 inch fuzzy image onto their mobile devices and uploading them to piratebay and the like because really that is everyones plan. i know if i get netflix on my Archos It will cost hollywoood BILLIONS of lost revenue…um right… anyway it always rolls back to our good friend DRM to bring the camera to the Bachelor party. so if you want your device to play movies yell at the people who made the device, believe me Netflix would LOVE to let you play their movies 247.

  7. i just got the lenovo 1304 tablet, all specs say it was compatible with netflix but i dont show it is, can someone please help me


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