For that that missed the news yesterday, Vine for Android was officially released to the public. Following a rush of users the app was down for a good part of the afternoon, but now you’re able to create 6 second clips with ease all on your Android device. It’s their initial release, and isn’t anything near the iOS version, but getting its first update already.

Vine for Android is as basic as it gets. Like as basic as Vine was when it first launched on iOS. They weren’t able to implement all of those features they’ve added for us Android users, but that will hopefully all be coming soon. Today Vine Inc issued their first (of many) updates for their Android app, but it didn’t really do anything.

So this post is more of a PSA that Vine is now available for Android, in case you missed the news yesterday, and at the same time doubling as somewhere to call out Twitter and Vine for the lack of features. For starters, the camera is a mess. It’s awful, doesn’t autofocus, doesn’t focus at all actually, and even my 13 megapixel GALAXY S 4 images don’t turn out too great. Then of course the front facing camera support like iOS has is missing.

Today’s update lists “Updated user settings and other bug fixes” and that’s all for now. So basically just the most minor update as humanly possible. The developers have promised “frequent updates” the the platform, and this is at least a good sign they might hold to that promise. So are you guys liking Vine on Android? Feel free to share any masterpieces below. Get the latest update to Vine and enjoy!

SOURCE: Play Store

  • mellonart

    had it for a day now and the app still can not record video on my galaxy note… just says initializing.

    • Amerikaniko Stilaki

      same I have the galaxy S2 and it keeps saying that. This is B.S

  • Derek

    The only REAL problem with this app is that I CANT EVEN SEARCH FOR TAGS OR PEOPLE. SERIOUSLY.

  • ben

    I forgot to share one of my Vines on twitter, so apparently I can never ever do so. That should be a first fix (besides search)

  • Can’t search, major lag on everything, no front camera, audio delay, have to close out of app and clear cache to get updated info. Needs a lot of work.

  • valeitao

    I can’t even shoot with the camera in my Xperia Go…

    • Domenech

      me neither, 3 months later and nothing changed

  • androidkid1992

    Its cool that we have it but the audio kills me every time

  • Carrie

    It’s getting there, but PLEASE get the front facing camera! I would like to day thank you for putting a search bar up there for us to manually find people… That’s something it needed to. Keep the updates coming c 🙂