Verizon’s Motorola DROID XYBOARD gets official in 10.1 and 8.2 flavors

December 6, 2011

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Yup, that's the real name, folks, and there ain't no going back now. Verizon announced the long-leaked Motorola DROID XYBOARD tablets in a press release today, with the expected 10.1 and 8.2 inch models ready to go sometime in December. The larger model starts at $529.99 for the 16GB version, then goes up to $629.99 and $729.99 for the 32GB and 64GB editions. The smaller XYBOARD 8.2 (no "Media Edition" branding here) will go for $429.99 and $529.99, in 16GB and 32GB versions. All prices are with a two-year contract.

As far as specs go, both tablets are solid, though not as eye-popping as the original XOOM when it was released earlier this year. The screens are "high-definition" (almost certainly 1280 x 800) IPS LCD panels, running on top of 1.2Ghz dual-core processors and 1GB of RAM each. Exact dimensions aren't available, but Verizon assures us that the tablets are "lighter than a paperback book and thinner than a AAA battery." A 5-megapixel camera adorns the back with a front-facing shooter thrown in for good measure. Both with have access to Verizon's LTE network.

Both tablets will launch with Android 3.2 Honeycomb, though you can expect an Ice Cream Sandwich update sometime in the future. The standard Motorola and Verizon apps are included, and customers can add LTE WiFi hotspot functionality for an additional fee. The exact release date is not available just yet, but a promotion will allow you to take $100 off a DROID XYBOARD when you purchase a DROID RAZR, plus $50 of free accessories.

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  • What a joke. It isn’t spec’d nearly to the same degree that the TF Prime is, yet it costs more than the TF Prime. Fail strategy, Motorola. Look at Asus. They are going to be selling a s***load of TF Primes because they put a ton into it.

    • If this was Wi-Fi only they would be cheaper too, this is a 4G LTE version, question is whether or not they will be releasing a Wi-Fi only version, but they did with the Xoom so I would assume they will follow with that as well.