We know, we know – owners of the HTC Rezound, Motorola DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX got something of a false alarm a few weeks ago, when Best Buy claimed that these Verizon phones were getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates. The upgrade days came and went, but Verizon, Motorola and HTC remained steadfast that they’d be updated… eventually. Now an internal Verizon screenshot shows that the RAZRs’ testing period will end on May 17th, and the Rezound will end even sooner, on May 7th.

According to the leak, the HTC Rezound will finally be given an over the air update on May 9th, with the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX following on May 21st. Other devices aren’t so lucky: 3G and LTE flavors of the original XOOM have apparently been through with testing for a week, but the updates still have no estimated delivery time. There are no other devices listed, which might mean that development and testing hasn’t even started.

So, a little over a week for an update to the Rezound and a little under a month for the RAZRs puts these Android 4.0 upgrades about seven months after the open-source software was made available, an coincidentally, around the same time that new models from both Motorola (the DROID RAZR HD) and HTC (The DROID Incredible 4G) are expected to launch with ICS. Adventurous Rezound users have been using leaked software for months, or just flashing custom ROMs, while RAZR owners have had to settle for just the leak thanks to a locked bootloader.

[via Phandroid]

  • ssskeptic

    No freakin way

    •  way

      • ssskeptic

        It sure would be nice after so much disappointment.

  • Whallkfc

    Believe it when I get it.

  • 27 Cicero

    About f#@kin time..

  • Jojo

    Still no official word from big red so i highly doubt it

  • Captainbc52

    best buy got my hopes up…when I have ICS installed on my phone ill be a believer 🙂

  • Ns

    Plz be true or I might cry a river

  • Ryork272

    I really can no longer stand Verizon.  They have to be the worst company to deal with.

  • Axgun007

    Will not go with Verizon next go around!

  • Myramayns

    about time!

  • lightwalker03

    I spoke to a HTC Representative yesterday 05/02 and he confirmed the May 9th release date.  He did however add that the update will roll in batches and could take up to 22 days from the release date.

  • I’ve been running ICS on my rezound for a couple of weeks. 

    Why haven’t you?

  • Dennis Dawson

    I have just gotten off the phone with their Corporate folks as they were not to impressed with me for filing a complaint with the FCC because of my coverage or should I say lack there of. From what she told me after all the legal mubo jumbo was that the coverage map which was not so well done is only a maybe for coverage as their are 3 little fine print exclusions on the WEB.
    I conveyed to her that if you tell me I have 4g and 3g and I move my phone on my nightstand 1 inch either way I loose the 4g. If I move it the other way I lose 3g and the phone locks up till I go into airplane mode and and back out. According to her I am on the fringe of the signals and they are sharing their signal with anouther carrier. In other words tough roller skates. And then to have the audasity to charge me an extra $30.00 to change out the old home phone connect for the newer one that you can get an extended antenea for. Get rid of theold inventory and charge for the upgrade or switch and bait. I urge everyone to file with the FCC individually and hold Verizon to task, I told her I would continue to persue this with the FCC till my area was fixed. 

  • Edwin R Bolton Jr

    I have lost any remaining faith in VZW. Bought the Razr in Nov 11 with the “sales pitch” that ICS would be forthcoming in first quarter 2012. Well, that’s long gone and as soon as my latest contract ends I will be too. VZW is just to selfish and deceptive for my taste.I would only recommend them to people I don’t like. They’d make a good parrtners.

  • Ryork272

    June 4 and still no ICS update on my Rezound. Lets see, how long has ICS been in “general available” release ? Not that I really care about updating the operating system, but come on, this can not be positive sign for Android. Its been out for over a year. If Apple actually came out with an update to the iPhone that I liked, I may switch. Android is not broken but still very fragmented with the need for standardizations.