It seems that the HTC One’s debut on Verizon was pushed yet again from the initial rumor of August 1st way back to the end of the month, according to a leaked road map that lists Big Red’s plans for the month. The road map also details several other phones that have been slated for availability in August as well.

The earliest speculated date for HTC’s flagship on Verizon’s network was August 1, which has already come to pass. As Verizon only stated that the HTC One will come “this summer”, the date could very well be pushed to mid-September. At the end of July, we received a rumor that the date being eyed by Verizon would be August 15. Now there is some insider information that claims that the HTC One launch will be on August 29 instead.

The road map also mentions several other phones lined up for this month, like the Motorola DROID Ultra and DROID Maxx, which are expected to arrive on August 20. The DROID Mini, which was initially said to launch with the other two, seems to have been pushed back to the 29th as well. The newly announced Motorola Moto X is said to be available from Verizon on the 23rd, as perviously leaked.

There is no word on the rumored Blue HTC One that will supposedly be available only from Verizon. Missing also is any reference to the LG G2, which was just unveiled today, which could mean that Verizon will be looking at a September release.

VIA: phoneArena

  • Babs Oyed

    Stupid Verizon!

  • Dana Biaski

    Just release the f#$5ing phone. Nobody wants their shitty droids.

  • smartguy

    so you give your droids one week to be the newest phones cuz know when verizon stores sell their ones the next week they will tell their customers its the newest phone whereas if the dumba$$es released this phone 2 months ago their droids would be the newest thing on the market for customers who dont research their phones!!! i pray they fired their whole team in charge of marketing

    • Josh

      you do know that all droids are mid-tier phones right? Even if the HTC One was released in December the droids cannot compare to it.

      • Christian Tomsheck

        The average consumer doesn’t know this. My friend just bought a Droid Razr Maxx HD (last year’s model) and has been bragging about how its one of the best phones out right now. Regular people believe whatever the sales reps tell them and they are most likely pushing those droids HARD.

    • Verizon loves their DROIDS…

  • jamie

    I used the HTC one for a few days on at&t and when all the delays with Verizon happened I decided to get the S4 and honestly I have never been a Samsung phone fan but I am now eating my words the s4 in my opinion is the best phone out and Verizon is supporting it. The HTC one has been out for 6 months not saying it is a bad phone but compared to the s4 it really doesn’t compare. The camera is really the ones weak spot it doesn’t come close in side by side comparison. I really wanted the one but thanks Verizon for holding off so I did not make a mistake and get it. Very happy with the S4

  • pj

    I’ll believe this latest leak like I believed the leak saying August 1, then the leak I believed saying August 15. I won’t believe anything until an official announcement or September 21, whichever comes first.

  • tlo

    nobody knows when Verizon is putting the phone out. My neighbor is a store manager and told me flat out all these “insiders” are just guess. The leaked roadmaps with dates are not even from Verizon. Nobody at a store level has even seen or tested the phone yet and like all other “top tier” phones IE: Iphone, galaxy S4 they will be a preorder they won’t just appear in the store0

  • paul

    HTC sucks balls that phone is not worth the wait. Hell if you waited this long might as well wait on the lg g2 it will be a way better phone than s4 and one

  • Dana Biaski

    Jam your roadmap up your ass.

  • Sprint’s next new customer

    Do they REALLY think we will feel consoled by a blue cover?!?! REALLY?!?! Who wants old man blue anyway? Its not even a vibrant, electric blue. Just GIVE US THE ONE, we can all buy a boring BLUE case! I am past due for an upgrade, and my Bionic needs to be Baptized….in the commode!! GRRRR! By the time Verizon quits toying with its consumers and actually throws us little birdies a worm, every other carrier will be on the next version of it!!! I MISS SPRINT!

    • Tlo

      Sprint Sucks nobody wants Sprint

  • Mick

    It’s looking like that Sept. 5th date on the leaked press render isn’t going to be far from the actual release date. Pathetic.

  • Dana Biaski

    Take your roadmap and cram it up your ass. You guys are rarely right. Now it is just become a huge joke. Unless your a loser like me and still with Verizon!