HTC One rumors had been suggesting the handset would be arriving with Verizon Wireless on August 1st. That date had seemed just as good as any, as far as rumored dates go. But then Motorola announced an August 1st event for the unveiling of the Moto X smartphone. The Moto X is expected with a wide variety of carriers including Big Red and it looks like that may have caused the HTC One launch date to slip.

According to a new leak, Verizon will not be launching the HTC One until August 15th. The details of the date change come by way of a leaked internal document. Of course, the key here is that this is a leaked document and therefor unconfirmed. Then again, that August 1st date was never confirmed either. Officially Verizon has simply said the HTC One would be available "this summer."

Looking at the calendar and we know that could mean anytime up through September 21. Aside from the launch of the Moto X (which we will be live on-site to bring the latest) and the HTC One, Verizon also recently announced a trio of DROID branded handsets including the Ultra, Maxx and Mini. These three are currently available for pre-order but are not going to begin shipping until August 20th.

Basically, that is just another way of saying that you may want to hold off on those pre-orders for the moment. You know, to give some time to see what Verizon has planned for the HTC One and Moto X. We already know the specs of the HTC One and the new DROID line, however there is still quite a bit to learn about the Moto X. With that in mind, it does seem as if a big focus of the Moto X will be in the experience more so than the specs.

Anyway, the Moto X pricing remains a mystery, the DROID lineup is sitting at $99, $199 and $299 for the Mini, Ultra and Maxx respectively. The HTC One is priced at $199.99 for the 32GB model with other carriers, but similar to the launch date with Verizon, they have yet to mention anything in regards to the pricing. Bottom line here, it looks like August is shaping up to be a good month for those looking for a new Verizon branded handset.

SOURCE: Droid-Life



    • Another Verizon User

      I second this motion

      • Where is my HTC One?


      • Also Annoyed Verizon User

        Seriously, I’ve been waiting for months

  • Doug Wylde

    If its not out tomorrow I’m switching , I’ve had an upgrade for over a year and nothing Verizon offers is worth while-

  • John

    No one wants those crappy new droids that are coming late August!!

  • jo

    At this point, after countless “leaked” documents, I would be a fool to expect anything regarding release dates. They said summer. I won’t expect anything before September 21. I think now Verizon executives just laugh about those of us who want the One as they jerk off to Droid pics. I wonder what the LG G2 will be like (or switching carriers….).

  • StuckWithVerizon

    Another big pile of turd from big red.

  • Rfour Runner

    I now just read they may release a blue one, but from the photos it’s a really light blue…fail! If Verizon ever release the One, I fear Verizon is going to f_ this up even more than they already have.