Verizon’s definitely sending out the 4.0.4 update to its Galaxy Nexus customers, as noted earlier today. But it appears they’re taking their sweet time about it. If you’re still running the official 4.0.2 release, you can click here for the official download of the updated ZIP file. It’s about 40 megabytes, so even those with tiered data plans should be able to grab it without issue. You’ll need to be rooted and running a custom recovery to apply it.

The update is ONLY for those using Android 4.0.2 on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus – if you’ve installed a custom ROM or applied the previously leaked update, it won’t work. Those who applied the leak will just have to sit on a slightly older version (that’s still 4.0.4) or reflash when the full system update becomes available. If you’re still running 4.0.2 and you’ve rooted and/or installed a custom recovery, you should be good to go.

If you don’t know your way around a custom recovery, do yourself a favor and wait for the update to reach you. When it finally gets out across Verizon’s network, you should notice better speed, more stability, slightly improved reception and volume/mute/vibrate buttons on the power menu. The rollout is apparently still very limited – we’re waiting on official word from Verizon.

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  • You can install this without being root and without wiping!

    Full instructions here:

  • Guys, we NEED more support in a prompt and timely manner from Google / Verizon. Please sign this petition to bring awareness to this issue. CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU!

  • yarrellray

    Plain and simple this wait should not be necessary and truthfully is unexcusable for a STOCK ANDROID DEVICE ON ANY CARRIER. Most of us who own the Verizon Galaxy Nexus brought our devices on day one December 15th 2011. On that day we recieved 4.0.2 ever since NOTHING and it’s May 2nd 2012 as I write that IS NOT what a pure stock Nexus devices should be enduring. Yeah Verizon might have the best network that was back in December 2011 NOT TODAY At&t has the best network today. I have not been impressed by Verizon since February and I knew 2years ago Verizon was the WORST in the update game and I hoped that would change with the stock galaxy nexus. Oh well JOKES on me and I will not except this standing up on a daily basis a good portion of us left other carriers for the opportunity to have our first stock android device on BIG RED and it has been the biggest joke to this day. So how do you fix this plain and simple purchase the galaxy nexus from the google play store and bring it eith to At&t or T-mobile this way you will be the first to recieve jellybean when it drops sometime in November or December. I plan to sell my Verizon CDMA Galaxy Nexus very soon and just move on I left sprint a carrier that was great on updates but poor on Wimax coverage plus I wanted my first Galaxy Nexus pure stock device but I shelled out 300 bills and brought my 2 lines to Verizon and today paying nice bills monthly and deserve better service for my change spent monthly. So it’s time to make that move get rid of the middle man and have google directly update my device. Shouldn’t have to root or rom or try out unoffical build and apk’s just to have a stable device I paid 326.oo for 5months ago. Verizon has gotten to big for there overall britches and the sad part is Sprint customers has the Galaxy Nexus launched with 4.0.4 which we on Verizon is still waiting on so this is unexceptable for a Nexus device. End of story and end of Verizon very soon…..

    • rayyarrell

      the only reason it took long is to implement the bloatware

    • Jdawg_2889

      Verizon still is best network lol do your research before you rant it always has been and always will be. At&t claim 4g same as t-mobile ehich is a old tech being overhauled. Whats going to happen there is they will pull thr llug eventually and all phones that use it will be useless. They also false advertise 4g and clearly state atvottem of conmercials its blah blah LTE is 4G period fcc says so aswell some countries only use it. Again checj your LTE 4g maps check back with me. Galaxy nexus gets updates on at&t first because its gsm wgich came out in europe before america and is more widely spread used so again NOT at&t specific.. plus that update it got screwed the phone than helped it.. be appreciative lol. Again do research before you rant oh and customer service wins i sell cell phones so customer service is not as good as verizon they are always behind playing catxh up and are with LTE and when they have some kind of crappy free activation offer or other stuff ALWAYS behibd. As far as the phone goes i dont even need to talk about it reviews speak for itself its still one of the best phones out period phones just launching and not yet here at launching with specs this phone has had from last year the hd screen, amoled ice cream sandwich blah blah owns all current phones and i was iphone user for 8 months and thisbis my current phone and owns iphone.

      • Jdawg_2889

        Typed that on a phone and fail

      • parsonbrown11

        Yes the ics can’t even access Disqus, while the iPad here with iOS is doing fine

      • parsonbrown11

        I kept my tmobile blackberry bold along with the gnex I bought on dec15, 2011…….glad I did, the Verizon has been down 20 times since and the gnex has rebooted on its own at least 35 times. Frankly sometimes I don’t know if it’s Verizon, Samsung, or google that’s responsible for this pricey doorstop. But the tmobile bold has worked every day, never down for a moment, never one dropped call or missed text or lack of signal or phantom reboot or crash…….ummv but tmobile whips ass on Verizon, maybe coverage is a problem but when you have wifi/uma on the berry it is unbeatable.
        The Verizon galaxy nexus with ics is an epic disappointment. The blackberry bold rocks

  • The download link is returning Error 404. I guess the zip file has been removed.

  • Nonya

    The only reason i got this phone was because it was a google phone and i thought that with the galaxy nexus i would get updates from google not VW. So disappointed in google, as much as i hate apple im thinking about getting an iphone for my next phone.

    • Usaguy1

      Yeah…me too. Why am I waiting for VZW? I thought we got direct updates from Google. This misunderstanding played a significant role in my decision to buy this phone.

    • Perrydilley

      I think I’m getting an iPhone next too. I even had the g1 back in the day but android is losing it. That really upsets me too.

  • Ashar

    After having a series of issues with my Galaxy Nexus (2 months after purchase) last night the device crashed and it keeps repeating the initial start-up procedure. I am so pissed and upset that, yes, I WILL get the iPhone. Very disappointing Google.

  • parsonbrown11

    i agree with sentiments expressed. I bought my Gnex early december…15th? No updates and lots of woes and hype and bs……..even the geeks have sold this phone. What do we do? Organize a class action?

  • LastAndroid

    My next phone will be from apple. This nexus is not living up to the hype. Goodbye android.