Would you look at that! Verizon and Samsung are finally ready to actually and officially roll out the update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy Nexus. After originally pushing the update and then quickly canceling, a few leaks and more Verizon is finally ready to give it the green light.

Verizon finally posted up the Galaxy Nexus IMM76K Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich support documents over at the official Verizon Support Page. Explaining all the details and improvements that come along with the update. Whenever the support page finally goes live from Verizon the update is close behind. This is probably the same update that surfaced again last week now that its official and ready to go.

You can manually update your Gnex right now using the link posted directly above, or you can wait a day or so as the update should start arriving on handsets from Verizon any day now that they’ve approved it and listed it on their support page. According to their documents along with the usual 4.0.4 fixes Verizon and Samsung have fixed some text and email bugs, some multimedia message problems, and even improved call audio too. Verizon briefly mentioned data connection but that is about all.

It’s about time Verizon finally pushes this update. Nexus devices are supposed to be first in line to receive such updates and the international Galaxy Nexus received 4.0.4 a long time ago, but that is a discussion for another time. Start checking for updates and let us know once you get it.

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  • Randy

    Hasn’t hit SF Bay Area yet…

  • Lschafer

    No updates in Chicago

  • carlos

    according to the rep i just spoke to, the release was actually approved and started to roll out on 5/25. In in Los Angeles, no update yet.

  • Keith Altomare

    nothing in oregon! Dang!

  • jjhash

    Not here in ohio

  • Cuzz

    Have check every hour and til now nothing yet in San Jose, CA.

  • Keith Altomare

    still not here?

  • Clint Trotter

    no update yet in Minneapolis

  • Action

    Not in STL

  • mccolley

    Phoenix is a no-go yet

  • Verizon Sucks

    Regardless of whatever Verizon does for damage control, they still suck

  • csonnama

    Nothing yet here in dallas,TX. Is the update supposed to fix low signal issues? Im in an area with great 4g but barely manage to keep one bar and frequently shift to 3g.

  • MadCammer08

    The screen before the Verizon screenshot presented in this article states ‘Software Update: Galaxy Nexus by Samsung – Coming Soon!’ .

    I am not sure what that is going to mean in terms of the actual roll-out date.

  • Keri0527

    Still nothing in Pittsburgh. Had a google+ friend say he got his 6 hrs ago.

    • Keith Altomare

      where does your friend live?

      • Keri0527

        Colorado. He must be mistaken or have an “in” though.

  • Jason

    We ain’t got sheee-it up here in Portland Maine.

  • Reub

    Boston has NADDA

  • Always waiting on verizon

    Nothing in Arkansas

  • Keith Altomare

    still no update here

  • kash

    no update here in Canada. I am with Bell Canada.

  • carlos

    So… a bunch of BS again. NO ONE has received the update… VZW is pissing me off now. I’m bailing on them soon…

    • parsonbrown11

      follow the instructions below to zap the frameworks cache and then you’ll get the update…

    • Sahla

      i just received the update lastnight at about 1am. let’s just say, it wasn’t worth the wait. but i’ll give it a couple more days…

  • NYC

    New York is not yet. Hopefully soon! I cannot wait!

  • Keri0527

    So many articles claim they have reports of people receiving the ota yet not one person has confirmed getting it. Don’t tell us about it until people are truly getting the ota. Every morning I wake up to check if the update fairy came only to discover she skipped my house again šŸ™

    • Guest

      you have to delete a cache in the google frameworks thing then the update gets pushed

      • Keri0527

        I had tried that several times and it didn’t work. I ended up getting the update just after midnight on Friday. Thanks though.

  • bluespruce4wd

    Got update this morning. Phone app is buggy (new problem!) often does not respond šŸ™ No noticeable improvement in signal & keyboard now has severe laggg – another new problem! I strongly advise that you wait for more user reviews before you update šŸ™

  • freebrd111

    got my update 30 minutes ago in sc

  • Keri0527

    Got my update an hour ago in Pittsburgh. Finally!

  • Alex

    It’s actually real! Got mine in Buffalo, NY

  • jaydub

    got mine in Michigan

  • tommynexus

    got the 4.04 update this morning! central PA

  • ps

    just got my 4.0.0 update on June 2nd 8am in Greensboro NC, so it is
    coming just wait for a few more days, will report if bugs are fixed.

  • parsonbrown11

    In apps choose all then find the google services framework and delete the data and stop the process and the update gets pushed, finally many many fixes.

    • Thanks for the tip it worked. I just deleted data as there was no option to delete cache

      • parsonbrown11

        the way the news spread online was cool, no help from verizon, that little spinning laser polyhedron and android monster was cool!! most issues fixed so far, using the huge font and no distortions, battery lasted all night, no reboots yet, no more burping lag in landscape etc…….wish this was on the phone dec 15th when i bought it, i’d have a different opinion of google.

  • Just went to apps google framework services as mentioned by another person cleared data then forced stopped and the update was there when I checked. In Bernardsville, NJ

  • Javon

    I received my update last night *Michigan*

  • Korey

    Just got my update this morning here in Ohio. What exactly did it do?

  • WhoCares

    Updated this a.m in Jacksonville, NC

  • HaterBlocker

    i just got the update. I believe its 4.04. got it ota this am. well see if it does the trick. my nexus was sooo buggy. i tested a call and it connected right away now (or at least here) before it took like 30 seconds just to dial the number. and just a note, when version releases updates it slowly picks certain phones to receive it first then they slowly opens it to all phones.

  • RedWing9

    I can report that I received the update Monday, June 4th, OTA without prompting or Framework Data clearing on my side. Location Chicago Area.

    My battery still requires three charges a day, with very little use. In fact, since getting the Nexus I have almost stopped playing Words with Friends except once a day. On my X I could play two-three times per day on one charge. Having a full charge before bed means 15-25% loss of battery charge while its sitting on my nightstand, connected to N WiFi (full bars). Droid X would lose 3-5%.

    On another note, had an interesting situation occur Tuesday… When trying to start a round of golf in Swing by Swings GPS Range Finder the Gnex would “reboot”. In quotes because although I would get the pretty multi-colored boot screen, my uptime would remain unchanged. This happened every time I tried to start the round in the application, even after powering off/on, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. I just received updates to 6 applications, SbS being one of them, and no more reboots. So, beware, this release will require your apps to be updated to avoid bugs.