We reported a rumor on Monday that Verizon was preparing a long, long overdue Android 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus, which has been officially stuck on 4.0.2 since it’s release. Obviously the OTA update didn’t happen yesterday, but Google seems to be just as tired of the run-around as we are, because they’ve posted the relevant update file on their own servers. Stock Galaxy Nexus users, get it now, before Verizon decides that up-to-date software isn’t appropriate.

This isn’t a full ROM, just the update file for the 4.0.2 software on Verizon’s LTE flavor of the Galaxy Nexus. In order to run the IMM76K update you’ll need to be on the stock software – any other release or the various leaked versions of 4.0.4 will not work (root and custom recoveries are OK). Just reboot into recovery mode and flash the update.

Reports are coming in that the update is live on Verizon’s servers as well, so you could try the good old manual update through your system settings. Of course most carriers send out these updates in waves, so don’t be surprised if you get a null response. In either method you’ll be running the current version of Android for the first time in over six months – congratulations! Changes include a few interface tweaks (especially on the power menu), bug fixes and new radios.

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[via Phandroid]