Well guys, here they are. We knew they were coming but today the folks from Verizon Wireless have made it official. Announcing their new Share Everything plans with family and device-wide shared data options. First they took away unlimited data, and now they’ll be bumping up the price for most — although I’m sure some users will benefit from the changes. Read on below for full details on how your family can share a single line and data plan.

Verizon will be launching their brand new Share Everything Plans starting June 28th, and along with it the unlimited data option will disappear. It will be replaced by data plans that you can share with additional devices, but starts at 1GB for $50 — not cheap. One benefit here is all their plans will be moving to unlimited calls and texts, and the only limits will be placed on data usage. The other benefit here is you can share your plan with up to 10 additional devices (all for another fee sadly) and if you add a smartphone to the plan you get the hotspot feature for free — which also counts towards your data limit. Here’s the breakdown although you might be confused at first:

Essentially what you do is pick a data plan, starting at 1GB for $50 all the way to 10GB for $100 but I think 4GB for $70 is probably the (dare I say it) best deal. Then you chose what devices you have and add them in. So if you have two smartphones like the DROID RAZR or Galaxy Nexus, that is $40 each, then $70 to share 4GB data with both phones for a grand total of $150 per month. That gets you 4GB of data total, and unlimited everything else. If you want to add a tablet to that 4GB limit that will be an additional $10 a month. It all adds up quickly but for a medium sized family this could be a decent deal.

For me personally nothing on that list will match what I have now, but then I don’t have a family with 4 devices like many do. Verizon has also killed the unlimited data option all together, and from here on out the highest they’ll be offering is 10GB for $100, but you can add an additional 2GB for another $10 monthly. Is anyone confused yet? You can use up to 10 devices on any data plan, but each additional device is another fee, so that is where it racks up quickly. Here’s a quick video:

So what does everyone think? Are these deals worth it for couples or a family? For single device/line users It doesn’t look too great if you ask me, but then we do get unlimited calls and texts now. Drop us your thoughts below.

  • It sounded good, until I read plus 40 for each device. What a rip-off.

    • $40 for each phone.. $10 for tablets.. yada yada yada

  • Media50

    This Verizon plan does not appear to be realistic. Why would anyone sign up for 1gb/10gb of data for $50 to $100/mth, and then pay another $40/mth to use their phone. Maybe someone else can help me see why this plan will ever fly.

    • JohnnyL53

      Don;t you currently pay for access charges for each phone plus so much per month for the data plan?

  • This is a bunch of crap. I have 4 smartphones on my family plan and each one currently costs $30/mo ($120/mo for all) for unlimited data. If I have to switch to one of these new data plans, JUST THE ACCESS FEE is going to cost me $160/mo PLUS whatever limited plan I want. Based on my latest analysis, I would have to minimally select the 8GB plan at $90, or more sensibly the 10GB plan for $100 to avoid overages. That means my bill stands to go up by NO LESS than $130/mo!! That’s a 40% increase of my bill.

    I truly hope this is a sick joke or that I am misunderstanding the change. If this is real, Verizon will lose my mobile and FiOS business. Their service may be the best, but shitty carriers still do a pretty good job.

    UPDATE: I forgot to remove the $20/line unlimited text and messaging charge, but this still means that my bill is going to increase by roughly 22% which is still absurd.

    UPDATE 2: If this new plan means they scrap all previous pricing and only go by the chart above, then this would mean my bill is going to stay approximately the same after taxes and fees. Obviously this is more palatable and won’t have me running to Sprint. 🙂

    • You don’t have to update.. but new contract time later might be a different story

    • Michael Lewis

      Yes, please learn how to do math/read a chart before you post all outraged.

      • The more I read the announcement the more I got confused. I was reading too much into it. My updates reflect my train of thought and ultimately I conceded that there was nothing about which to worry. The new plan makes things easy.

  • Question. What happens to current plans? And can you quit your contract fro free based on this?

  • hahahahaha, i love how they’re trying to spin it like it’s such an awesome new thing! “Hey guess what, everyone! We’re going to limit the thing you use the most on your phones! And we’re doing it first! Aren’t we cool??”

  • When does these plans will be effective? If I apply for a family plan know it will be around 70$ for two lines + 20$ for unlimited text+ 60 for 2GB data plan
    So the total is 150$ +taxes
    With the new plan
    80$ two lines+ 70$ for 4GB data
    So the total is 140$ + taxes . 10$ less with the new plans 🙂

  • pissed

    I am def ditching verizon..duces peace out you crooks

  • What happens to current plans?

  • bill

    Sprint ftw

  • RobM

    Ok so 2 lines at 40 a pop, plus the $100 for 10Gb breaks down to $90 a line each with 5Gb of, at least here in metro Detroit, the fastest data speeds available to me isn’t to bad of a deal. I currently have At&t and pay $98 a month for 350 min, unlimited text, and grandfatherd unlimited data, which after 3gb is so slow its painful. What also caught my attention here is if I get free hot spot, why in the world would I pay to add a net book or tablet when I can connect them from my phone for free? I guess they’re banking on idiots ?

  • Michael Lewis

    This really hurts non family plan people. I currently pay $60 for 450 minutes and then an extra $30 for 2GB/messageing whatever, for a base of $90 before tax.

    Now, I would need the $60 2GB plan and add one smartphone for +$40. $100 before tax.

    Over $100 for just me?! I’m not going to go home and get on a plan with my mom or get a bunch of stupid friends together who i probably wont talk to in 6 months. 20-30 somethings who deal with their business solo are getting f’ed.

  • Screw Verizon!!!

    Another thing nobody is considering….. I have 3 lines on my account and get a discount on my total bill because of who I work for. I called Verizon and found out my 22% discount I get through my employer will only be applied to ONE LINE with the new plans!!! They are changing more than just the plans. Their claim for the data change is very few people actually use more than 4 GB’s. If that’s the case then why even worry about changing??? I think t-mobile will begin to see a bunch of ex- Verizon customers. I hope Verizon comes to their senses.