Despite how blazing fast Verizon’s 4G LTE is, it’s also quite expensive – especially for an entire sporting smartphones. We discussed how Verizon had planned to offer a family-share plan in 2012, but had no hard evidence to back it up. Now, it seems we have a leaked snapshot displaying a new option in Verizon’s computer system.

If you squint real hard, you can see a selection (currently unselected in the picture), that reads “All Lines on Data Share”. It will only cost $9.99/line for family members to tap into the allotted data. This could potentially save hundreds on many bills once it’s put into effect.

This document still doesn’t give us a specific date for when the plan could be released publicly – but knowing it’s coming should make many of you excited. The absence of family-share plans from Verizon’s lineup has really been the only piece missing in the puzzle. Customers of other carriers will likely switch as a result, because after all – who wouldn’t like 4G at an affordable price?

[via SlashGear]