Well guys, here they are. We knew they were coming but today the folks from Verizon Wireless have made it official. Announcing their new Share Everything plans with family and device-wide shared data options. First they took away unlimited data, and now they’ll be bumping up the price for most — although I’m sure some users will benefit from the changes. Read on below for full details on how your family can share a single line and data plan.

Verizon will be launching their brand new Share Everything Plans starting June 28th, and along with it the unlimited data option will disappear. It will be replaced by data plans that you can share with additional devices, but starts at 1GB for $50 — not cheap. One benefit here is all their plans will be moving to unlimited calls and texts, and the only limits will be placed on data usage. The other benefit here is you can share your plan with up to 10 additional devices (all for another fee sadly) and if you add a smartphone to the plan you get the hotspot feature for free — which also counts towards your data limit. Here’s the breakdown although you might be confused at first:

Essentially what you do is pick a data plan, starting at 1GB for $50 all the way to 10GB for $100 but I think 4GB for $70 is probably the (dare I say it) best deal. Then you chose what devices you have and add them in. So if you have two smartphones like the DROID RAZR or Galaxy Nexus, that is $40 each, then $70 to share 4GB data with both phones for a grand total of $150 per month. That gets you 4GB of data total, and unlimited everything else. If you want to add a tablet to that 4GB limit that will be an additional $10 a month. It all adds up quickly but for a medium sized family this could be a decent deal.

For me personally nothing on that list will match what I have now, but then I don’t have a family with 4 devices like many do. Verizon has also killed the unlimited data option all together, and from here on out the highest they’ll be offering is 10GB for $100, but you can add an additional 2GB for another $10 monthly. Is anyone confused yet? You can use up to 10 devices on any data plan, but each additional device is another fee, so that is where it racks up quickly. Here’s a quick video:


So what does everyone think? Are these deals worth it for couples or a family? For single device/line users It doesn’t look too great if you ask me, but then we do get unlimited calls and texts now. Drop us your thoughts below.