Well it looks like Toshiba has some rather bad news this morning regarding their Thrive tablets. Announcing that the Toshiba Thrive and Thrive 7-inch tablets won’t be receiving the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this month as originally reported, and instead will be waiting until sometime this fall.

The image above says it all. Andy staring at the chunky and now delayed Thrive with disappointment. Toshiba’s Thrive might not be the best tablet around but it had great specs, and an even better price. Between the multiple sales and bargain bin sightings I’m sure it has many owners, that are now left waiting even long for the update.

The Thrive was late to update with Honeycomb builds and back in late February Toshiba confirmed ICS would arrive in June. Now that June is almost over it appears that today they’ve delayed their plans until “early this fall” as reported by Phandroid. Early fall was the only time frame that was given so we’ll report back once we hear anything closer to an actual date from the folks of Toshiba.

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  • bummer. 🙁 At least they announced, finally, that ICS is on the Razr / Razr Maxx today…

  • Wtf?… They wait till June 22nd to announce this when it was supposed to be THIS week? I’m done.

  • Mr Done with Toshiba

    Seriously? This was poorly executed. Seeing that the only reason to delay the update is to make sure their other tablets sales are not affected. To which I reply I’m selling my Thrive and getting another android tablet.non Toshiba of course.

    • How much and do you ship? I don’t mind rooting and installing a custom ROM for a cheap tablet.

  • Jason Naylor

    All of us Thrive owners just got screwed.

  • aloh0531

    Toshiba just wants all Thrive users to switch over to their new tablet, Excite. I don’t think this is going to happen, at least not with me! Adios Toshiba, I had enough of your superb user support!


  • Burgo97

    When is fall I’m Australian

  • TMan

    I’m so pissed. June was so far for months now 3 more months plus!?!

  • Mike

    WOW! This is bullsh*t. As a Toshiba loyal customer, all i can say is that i will never buy anymore android base toshiba tablets in the near future. Reminds me of samsung when they screwed over everyone with delaying froyo and gingerbread updates on the galaxy S.

  • Avi

    With Google announcing Jellybean, honecomb looks like a pre-historic system. I love my tablet, but no more Toshiba product in future…

  • james

    It hasn’t been delayed, they have no plans whatsoever of updating to it. They just said Fall to shut everyone up and try to sell some more Excite tablets before their customer base hands their ass to them in the press blogs.

  • Shamsan Mohammed

    I am satisfied with Toshiba Thrive since I can blog HDD and use my Arabic language without any problems

  • Ed

    I have to agree with the previous poster. I do not think Toshiba has any real plans to support this device into the future. I would be very surprised to see them dedicate any resources to giving us an ICS update when they are marketing a new tablet that ships with ICS stock. I really liked the full sized ports on the device, which is why I bought it over the competition, but if they are just going to press on with new products and abandon their user base, I can’t recommend buying any of their products in the future, at least not android based ones anyway. Their laptops are still quite solid, but I am VERY disappointed with their dismal support on the Thrive. It would be nice if there were someplace online to just download ICS and install it ourselves. I bet the community would fix this problem before the manufacturer!

  • Rix

    Oh well, this gives me abetter reason to get MS Surface when comes out this fall… I’d like to think MS will support that better than how Toshiba has supported the Thrive.

  • mad user of toshiba thrive

    I will not buy another Toshiba product again unless they give me the dang 4.0 update this week. This is bull, if this is how they are going to treat current tabs it just a relection on how they will treat excite users in the upcoming future. Be warned.

  • ChargeStick

    Dont Buy this Thrive. i have one… worst investment ever. i cant even get past the passcode screen half the time.

  • Steve

    I agree with all the other users below. My next tablet will be nexus 7. Toshiba is way behind with Google upgrades. I have also noticed my tablet is getting slower too. Overall it functions though.


    Toshiba Thrive owners: I just checked and the 4.0 update is out!!!!! im downloading it now.

  • jqz

    it’s already released!!