Temple Run popular iOS game heading to Android next month

January 19, 2012

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For us in the world of Android we might not see or hear about some of the fun games over on that other platform, but occasionally they have some hugely popular games that haven't quite made their way to Android yet. Take Temple Run for example. It's been the top iOS game for a few months and has seen over 20 million downloads. I'm happy to report it will be landing on Android next month.

Temple Run is free but still currently the top grossing app on that other platform and has over 7 million players daily that are using in-app purchases or just playing for the sheer fun of it. With Android being the number one smartphone in the world this is a huge market that surely will love this game. It was originally $0.99 cents at launch but the in-app purchases have taken over. Most games like Angry Birds and many others have launched for free on Android and we expect the same to happen here.

With Temple Run you basically play an explorer running through the temples and being constantly chased by things like scary monkeys or other animals. It was designed with smartphones in mind and can be played with just one hand if needed -- so this wont feel like a console port while playing and enjoying it. The entire story on how this team of a husband and wife made one of the biggest iOS games as of late, and that it will be landing on Android next month to rule our world is at the source below.

Reminder: Lands for Android on February 9th according to rumors. Who's excited?

Update: Temple Run will not launch this week, should still come by end of February according to developers. More details available by clicking here.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • monica

    when exactly will it come out?

    • Lexyflips

      Does it really matter. Just wait. Hve you not read all the other people that have asked that?

  • Ronish16jan

    February 2012

  • Cory Gunther

    February 2012

  • me!


  • Boomer019@yahoo.com

    what day of febuwary

  • Boomer019@yahoo.com

    what day of febuwary

  • 9o9 IE

    bout time!!!my friend is always playing this on his iphone and i cant so ill wait till feburary

  • Princeant0214

    i was just about to buy an ipod just for that game now i can have it on my phone

  • Sasquatch_attacks

    You said Androd being the number 1 smart “Phone”, Android Is an OS. A phone would be like the Galaxy s. so I’ll correct you. Android is the most used OS in the world, for phones.

  • bigcock911

    fuckk yaa!

  • Smileitsmimi

    this is great news !!!!!!!!! now we just need instagram (:

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7BRGAKAZPVKES7C4ZWENPD2URE Brandon

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001022742953 Cathal Barry

    can anyone tell me what specs you will need to play as i a phone with a medium processor

  • Jonsemail323

    Finally you second class citizens are catching up. How cute.

    • John

      Nah. We were to busy with our play station and game boy advance emulators to notice this. And probably will get back to our emulators soon after trying this.

  • Matt :D

    Does anyone know what day it comes out?

  • Afast

    Cannnot wait. Seriously.

  • Sierraciciwilliams99

    Yay I’m siked can’t wait becammuse I want to play it so bad what day does it come out?

  • Lilmslaffsalot94

    what day is it coming out?? i can not waittttt

  • Rbeckner99

    It comes out febuary 20 2012

    • Lmmfao at you guys

      How do you know and is it true ?

  • Hello123

    It should be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • androidsucks

    haha sucks to be you guys!! that’s why iphones best.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why u have to pay for iPhone apps. Shall I say more?

      • ….

        The idea of the droid is incredible, their thoughts and plans are amazing, but the functionality of the phones are terrible. I had a Droid for like a month before i started to hate it and experience horrible lags, lags that i have never experienced with the Iphone. Droid has cooler stuff and its cheaper, but the Iphone works (why do you think the apps cost money? because people actually code them correctly and they work well). Shall i say more?

      • Anonymous

        The problems with Androids passing have been noted and are being addressed, and in this economy..shall I really say more?

      • Jaja

        inta batata

  • Fsdfsdfsd

    iPhone is just the fool’s android. Only idiots think it’s worth getting. For example, the comment below…

    • seen both sides

      No, actually, the iphone is the iphone’s iphone. It has nothing to do with intelligence level, only to do with personal preference. The android is a great os, in face im on one now, but app wise, the iphone is better by far

    • seen both sides

      No, actually, the iphone is the iphone’s iphone. It has nothing to do with intelligence level, only to do with personal preference. The android is a great os, in face im on one now, but app wise, the iphone is better by far

  • Rerun40811

    Greatest Game ever!! I play it on my ipad, and it’s awesome!! Cant wait!! On a side note, it way better on tablet then on phone… Just saying

  • http://twitter.com/iSudeshnaa Sudeshna Hamal

    Wow! I just cant wait now!! 

  • Ansleydanielle

    So it is 99 cents?.

    • Dgst

      It’s free to play but you can buy some features

  • Weechloe02@hotmail.co.uk

    How do u download this for the android tablet??

  • Curtis123

    im so happy that im finally gonna have it4 my phone! ;DD i looked for it yesterday for my phone and it wasnt there, so when i heard about this i got excited! :)) woohoo great idea! ;D

  • Jglas7268

    How to downlode on tablet cruz

  • Looklikecowass

    will it be free?

    • Hondafreak1997


  • Dylanhanback

    I’m on an Android and I can’t wait! Ahhh!<3

  • Penut00X


  • Marilyn Jerome

    Omg ! Best news i heard all day cant wat <3 Its gonna be soooo addicting

  • Peaches424u

    I want Temple Run NOW for Android! Played it on my friends IPhone yesterday, and was VERY sad to find I couldn’t download it through the Android market! SooOo bring it on Android! I’m so ready!

  • Quaishawnjackson

    they need to hurry up

  • Jordan

    when in febuary?

  • Hanna

    Will it be free and it’s going to be on all Android phones?

  • DON NO.1

    Temple will soon come in Android, like 15 or 20 between in February…..

  • Ozzercopeland3

    I’ve got it on my ipod and I love it hurry up and bring it out for android so I don’t have to carry my Ipod everywhere

  • Gerganadincheva

    I have an Android phone and I’m unpatiently to play it on my phone…:)

  • Raustind4

    what date in feburary

  • Melljr825

    By the 15th or 20th

  • Hondafreak1997

    Thank you so much android

  • Evblehb

    hurry up i want to play it gosh do it already

  • Zack

    When in Febuary? What date :0 ?…

    • Jyfgjhk

      The 9th

  • Mikemarecic

    It comes out on the 9th of this month!!!

  • Vickie6116

    can you play it on the acer tablet when it comes out????

    • Aunt jemima

      Acer sucks

      • Stripedman201

        I actually enjoy my Acer tablet…..

  • Iluvcheer97

    Will it be free?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Michael-1410

      Didn’t youu just read what it said you idiot

      • Ohiugiug

        no he didnt you piece of bum, thats why he is asking you stupid hoe.

  • JAckMank

    It comes out on the 9th but i dont think i can fit my whole body in ya pussy !

  • Jmyxfresh

    i gassed

  • Jakelillard14


  • Dawood 09

    next month is here!! when??

    • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther


      • http://twitter.com/billybites8 BillyBites

        Awesome, cant wait!

  • http://twitter.com/kamronphilsfan kamron moghaddas

    @cc1f5571c2e6871a7ec83f09a5d79418:disqus comes out for android on Febuary 9th which is next thursday

  • http://androidexcellent.com/ Android Phone

    where i can download temple run for samsung galaxy?

  • Crashedn2me

    I can’t wait!!! Lag on the iPod touch can be bad!

  • Akjfas

    is it going to be FREE

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001217367899 Hco Swag Chriss

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.templefungame.free funni they made dis fake app, nd made ppl share it nd rate it 5 stars

  • Onella Edde


  • Kaka

    im pooped

  • Bakara

    i just pooped on onella edde sorry it was an accident

  • goalie 22

    febuary 9th aaaaaa

  • Michael Mabry

    Lol android fags, iphone rapes android any day.

    • Jake Remes

      troll city bitch^

    • Pm7floyda

      fuck of wanker they may be amazing iphones but the only shit phones there is are blackberrys also knowen as shitberrys

    • Josh Smith900

      No iphone sucks its just a bunch of apps on a screen, and its the same every year it just has a new look to it. Wow iphone are so awezomely stupid!!!!!!

      • Logan

        No it an’t iphone dose as much as stuff then a android 

  • haoliu

    iphone sucks u drop it the screen crackes

    • then dont drop it…

      Then dont drop it retard….

  • Smallira

    im totalllly excited !!! seriously i cant wait ,

  • Dj62397

    i cant wait for this man i was like come on dude when i seen there was no temple run i was just like come on bro seriously i got the droid and cant have my damn temple run im in love with the game even though i suck at it lol

  • Maxlee_97

    Android City Bitch (:

  • Logan

    2 more days aha ! 

  • Dshawnfields1994

    When it come out let me no

  • Kendricchiplin

    I Wonder How Much It Will  Cost?

  • Darekslim95

    cant wait for an Cracked APK

    • Alexmaton

      yeah me too

      • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther

         I thought they were taking the free with ads approach like Angry Birds, but who really knows.

        Support the devs — it’s a small team and will probably only be a dollar if anything

  • RabidWookie

    I switched from the Razr to the GN, and i am VERY pissed, the razr had great signal in a call as well as the 4G, when i got the GN i immediately noticed a HUGE difference.. and not for the better. i now have 0 – 1 bar in my house and in my town at all times, when my wife has a samsung fascinate and she will have full bars and my friend ( on verizon ) will have his iphone 4s and he has full bars….I have always been a loyal android fan.. but now im actually debating iphone 4s……*slams head on desk*

  • Djsu12

    I’m so ready for tomorrow!!! 😀

  • Henrik Andersson

    Imangi Studios denies the release date of the Temple Run for android!
    Read more here!

  • Sausageroll123

    so excited love temple run :) !!

  • Daveywilliamson

    Will the game be out at 12 tonight or tomorrow day time and could someone please tell me this that would be great

    • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther

       I’ve reached out to the creators 3 times with NO reply..

      hopefully tomorrow is the day

      • Henrik Andersson

        Imangi Studios denies the release date of the Temple Run for android!
        Read more here!

  • raysfodeath

    all i want to know is what time will it be here tomorrow


    does it come out tommorrrowww … because last month they sai it comes out on FEB 2 & thats been pasted & theres still no temple RUN …

    • Henrik Andersson

      Imangi Studios denies the release date of the Temple Run for android!
      Read more here!

  • Albertocoronado76

    I hope it comes out tomorrow. Can’t wait :)

    • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther

       Sadly it is not.. Just confirmed! ;( Will update accordingly

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4CZCDI4UUGGECG5FSOO67JQKSA Hansy

    It’s like I can never fully forget all the cool stuff,my iPhone is capable of long enough to get lost in a game for any great length of time.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4CZCDI4UUGGECG5FSOO67JQKSA Hansy

    Upgraded features are really nice.

  • Yohannyquestxxx

    When will it beeeeee? Pleasee

  • Bradcliffe242

    and of course its not there

  • Bradcliffe242

    and for all you iphone fucks you dont have 3d picture video or apps so get up off here evo 3d 4g all day

  • Traviswaller10

    I dnt see it in market

    • http://www.androidcommunity.com Cory Gunther


  • Sillyynot

    This Is A Shame I Want My Temple Run I Deserve It You Guys Said Febuary 9th Its Still Not Here

  • Dsafs2

    first it said feb2 then feb9…..just dont say cap if the crap aint comin out that day goddddd…i mite just switch to an iphone..i have a motorola atrix its aight

  • http://twitter.com/mondg12 Demond Gregory

    it don’t come out on the feb9  but you can download the game but it just a count do on when it comes to the android market which is ten days from now that’s what i heard

  • Karan

    faggs i swear it said feb 2nd . then feb 9th i can sue if i want.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GNMGBZLOMSMQXFPVG2KD5C6CAE Amelia

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  • Mayurpooperscooper

    didn’t come by 9th

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1112731495 Pushpek Singh Sidhu

    Still waiting………

  • Katieleigh95

    It said it was suppose to come out, I had it and there was a countdown it was at 0 at 11 or 12 laat night but it won’t let me download, and idk why? Could somebody help?

  • Vineet

    Cumon guys longing for temple run…

  • lovingtemplerun

    anyone knows if this book in kindle (http://tinyurl.com/7439xdu ) is useful for playing the game??

  • Lindsileopard

    oh my god. GIVE US TEMPLE RUN.

  • Dmm K

    Htc Sense..4G I HAVE TEMPLE RUN in my place my market have the game (Kosovo)

  • Iwanttemplerun

    the fan app for temple run is fake. it counts down but then at the end it doesnt come out

  • bendik

    are the coming temple run to nokia lumia 800

  • Bubble ‘

    Ridiculous , I Hope That Atleast THIS Count Down Will Finally Release The Level One On Temple Run For Android

  • AlittleFustrated -_-

    Funny How The Count Down Got To 0:00:00 And It Started Over For Another 6 DAYS!

  • Masonmucheck

    hey guess what dont get hopes up it march as I say this…..dont see it on market..lol its funny when people lie maby some day

  • Tinafeury

    i like  the game so much i throw my pillow at the wall when i heard it wasnt coming till next next week

  • nicolelove123

    i was so angery

  • Adonis

    Actually Imangi Studios announced it will bee coming to the Android Market on March 27th .

  • tyler brown

    This is so stupid I had to wait 16 days for temple run app and it when the countdown is done it finally says there is no temple run game yet.

  • Tenzinpasang12

    i like thisa game and i dont like this game becaus  i  dopnt like to playb thw gam,e  angi8red

  • gabe

    This is bull shit i live in ohio aka eastern tim
    e and its passed 12:00 and isnt out! Fuck you ppl.

  • AsoLa..

     Can It be DownLoading To samSung ? Not samsung Glaxy ?

  • Mark

    Its already out on sgt and asus tranformer pad

  • Emily

    is it out for lg enlighten??????

  • Sweetha

    im so addicted to this game! i found it on the Applorer! it is a free app to download games for Android users! 
    you should try it too! 

  • jjaayyjjaayy

    is it on the lg enlighten yet???

  • http://www.facebook.com/gal.hasuy גל אברמוב

    Cool Game ! I like it …

  • Jcpennyfashion

     there a solution for every problem….1.4.1 firmware update kills root access…and access to google market…..need to go back to factory 1.4.0 and block ota update with root access….this should solve the problem..