Sprint Kyocera Echo dual-touchscreen Android phone tipped for imminent reveal

February 7, 2011

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  • if thats their big announcement for today I will be massively disappointed!! two tiny screens with a hideous skin on android = GIANT GIMMICK!!

  • what crap

  • Anonymous

    That looks effin stupid.
    If it’s anything like that … and there isn’t some REAL ISH shown off … I dunno … disappointment would be an understatement.

  • Jreif

    Wow…. this blows.

  • Merlincoryell42

    People should REALLY try to learn how to read. The picture is NOT the Echo, it was a prototype photo. There are no images of the Echo yet that anyone can find, so this was posted for reference.

    My god, how can you be so lazy as to not read an article, yet take the time to comment on it and tear it apart?

  • Tjl7603

    If that is all they are annoucing I will be so mad!! I’ve waited til this week to go get a new phone. I bought a Samsung Moment a year ago and want to throw it in the river. Sprint needs to step it up and never seems to!!

  • Jetset2u

    Will have access to a skype app??

  • Anonymous

    Well i don’t have sprint in holland anyways XD

  • Blackbwr

    Fail. Im going to be so disappointed if this is the announcement. Holding on to hope for an iPhone.

    • Asdf

      What kind of retard would come to an Android Community website for a non-Android based Phone? WOW

  • Jminkler102

    Has anyone heard of the old Microsolf concept of the Courier? If it brings similar functionality as that, it would be incredible with the android operating system.

  • Anyone notice that all the Samsung phones are free now, except for Epic…Maybe they are trying to clean out their Samsung inventory for something cool…maybe I’m still trying to be optimistic.