Just last week Sprint sent out an email to the press inviting them to a special event where they will release an “Industry First.” The internet went crazy with rumors as to exactly what this industry first could be. Was it a 4G iPhone? Probably not, all Android sites were invited to the event. Now we may have a little bit more information as to exactly what it could be – a dual-screen Android tablet.

According to someone apparently close to the matter, the announcement will be a device and will feature the following:

  • It has large screens- think somewhere between the Evo and the Galaxy Tab.
  • It actually has dual screens- there’s a primary one but then also a secondary screen that flips up from the back, like on a hinge.
    • No word on what that second screen does, if it integrates with the primary screen to give you one big screen, or if you can run an app on each, or what. Sorry I couldn’t get more details.
  • No official word on if it’s voice-capable, or if it’s some kind of tablet/slate.

Also of note, HTC has been in the headlines supposedly preparing a 3D device. Could this be the device? Two screens for a 3D effect? If so, this would even tie in with the whole David Blaine theme of illusions, eye tricks, etc.

What do you think? Could this be a dual-screen tablet? Would a dual-screen tablet be a viable option in the competitive market? Let us know!

[Via Android Central Forums]