The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY wasn’t nearly as popular as many thought it would be, but now there are a few rumors and details going around showing we might be seeing a newer, faster 4G LTE version hit the streets from Verizon. The original wasn’t the famed device we expected and had pretty mediocre specs to go with those mediocre sales.

When I first saw this I immediately thought it was a terrible idea and I’m still not convinced either, but figured I’d share the details with our readers. Now if the PLAY 4G LTE comes with a bigger screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a dual or quad-core then I’d be extremely excited but that just isn’t the case here — that we know of at least.

Apparently Verizon is starting some training for a new Xperia PLAY 4G. This could be a typo as the original isn’t 4G but they wouldn’t be doing training on such an old device. I’m hopeful for a new PLAY with some boosted specs to go along with that 4G LTE connection and maybe we’ll be finding out soon. The Xperia PLAY has more than 200 specially optimized games so a sequel to the original PlayStation phone could actually be a pretty good idea right about now.

Would you buy a newer and faster Xperia PLAY? Let us know below!

[via Droid-Life]

  • Ilovepeace1234

    i don’t think so. the xperia play on verizon wuz junk cause they took out sony’s android… so i wouldn’t get ur hopes up with a new one…

  • MissGuitarHero

    I’d completely buy it, just upgraded too so I’d work overtime for that phone and buy it the day it comes out. I would’ve bought the first play but it’s 3G so for that it would be cheaper just to get a 3g smartphone and a PSP.

  • Laxenid15

    Yes, my xperia play is really slow and I would love to see a 4g version

  • Sonyplay4Gwould_rock




  • Terrytarot

    nice idea but spec would need to be upgraded before I part with cash

  • Tim

    I got the play @ launch. Their were only a handful. Of gamester. However, all the new gamester have grown exponentially. Now, with mobile games surpassing the processingtech. ability of the phone a new gen. system is needed. Not surprisingly what’s a rise in gaming technology in the mobile market new next gen gaming platforms need to follow suit. Remember the Xperia Play r800x was the first 1 introduced. It won’t be until the next version 4g is introduced before the next generation Xperia will really show it true colors. With the game meat market growing as fast as it is, a system such as the Xperia Play will be in demand. everyone complains about the first r800x because it did not stan d up to their expectations. remember this is the first system. Then critics only confirm that the concept is wanted and needed. I’m looking forward to the new Xperia. I’ll make my final judgement then.
    Tim E.