If you want to learn more about the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone you’ll want to tune in tomorrow. Samsung has just launched a teaser site for the new phone after scrambling “The Next Galaxy” into tgeltaayehxnx and launching tgeltaayehxnx.com earlier today. With a countdown ending early morning tomorrow we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, only about 13 hours or so.

Samsung’s done a great job keeping this entire phone a mystery and they’ve continued it with these recent leaks. Posting nothing but a picture on Facebook stating May 3rd as the announcement date, and now this site. After going to www.thenextgalaxy.com I was greeted with a password encryption so the possibility that it will open up tomorrow is likely. We can expect to see more teasers, some sort of riddle, or possibly a scavenger hunt as some have suggested over on Twitter.

Sadly I don’t expect any sort of reveal or pictures of said device, only more teasing and something to keep us busy until May 3rd when we see the real thing up on stage at the London event. I’m hoping I’m wrong and maybe they’ll do a scavenger hunt similar to the DROID DOES promotions by Verizon. Looking at the countdown you’ll see “you can take the next step in” listed — so tomorrow morning we’ll all be headed for the next clue.

Update: Looking at the page source [here] you’ll notice the reference of “retina” as well as this quote:

Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more

Stay tuned for all the juicy details, leaks, and possible riddles we are expecting from Samsung and their Galaxy S III. Don’t forget we’ll be live in London with all the details and hands-on coverage you won’t wanna miss. Who’s getting excited?

  • Raffan
  • Tommy Thompson

    Retina makes me think its the tablet with the 2500×1600 resolution or whatever the resolution was.

  • TiCarpi

    The “retina” reference is just part of the Mobile Boilerplate template available on GitHub. Means that the site will be viewable on iOS devices.
    Nothing to do with the device being announced 😉 

  • Liaw Kim Poh

    that’s a weird domain name

  • Doesn’t seem to have physical buttons in the front, not sure about curved front glass, could be a 16:9 or 16:10 display aspect ratio.I like the long radius of rounded corners.The brightness of the display is too low, or it’s turned off.The blue silk seems to be hiding most details for now

  • Ironhide

    Ha ha! the site’s gone blank! 😀
    Was it authentic samsung site??

  • bligui

    Sends to a second teaser site http://www.thenextgalaxy.com and mocks apple user at the end saying to be different than all the “sheep”