The rumor mill has been turned up a notch with Samsung Denmark releasing a Facebook photo in its gallery of what is supposed to be the new Galaxy S III. It shows a simple blue back ground with 12.05.03-20.00 in white lettering and a conspicuous imprint of a phone pressed from behind. Subtle yet tantalizing at the same time.

The impression is an obviously curved phone, much like their Galaxy Nexus. This is contrary to the leaked photos that have surfaced suggesting that the other photos were of “mules”, S III electronics in a generic case. This had long been rumored about the cases being dummy’s and this lends some credence to that.

There are new theories about the lettering on the banner and what they may mean. One set is obviously the date for the launch of the phone, but the “+” at the beginning has people scrambling for answers. Possibly the 20.00 being the time in military numbers being that the US is 7 or so hours behind London where the release is planned. This would make sense because they wouldn’t want to release the phone when arguably their biggest market is asleep.

We will do our best to keep you appraised of all the new rumors and news that is sure to come out about the phone in the next few weeks. So keep checking in with us for all the latest info on this development and all your other favorite Android gear.

[via Facebook]