Samsung Hercules to Save T-Mobile Customers?

May 17, 2011

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An early accessory listing leaked the names of Samsung Galaxy S II variants for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, leaving T-Mobile out of the loop. Today though it looks like there may be another "hero" phone coming T-Mobile, in the form of a phone named (for now anyway) the Samsung Hercules, a phone with the power of the Galaxy S II, and the size of AT&T's new Infuse 4G.

With a 4.5" WVGA (480x800) screen, the Hercules will be the biggest phone to come to T-Mobile. What do you expect with a (code)name like Hercules though? However, unlike it's equally giant cousin, the Infuse, the Hercules is rumored to be pushing the boundaries in just about every spec, and even breaking a few.

Starting with radios, the Hercules is rumored to have not only support for both T-Mobile's as well as AT&T's HSPA+ bands (which prepares it for whatever the outcome of AT&T's attempt to purchase T-Mobile), it supports up to 42 MBs down, twice as fast as any other HSPA+ phone in the U.S. is capable of at the moment. Moving on, the rumored processor is the same 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon that powers the HTC Sensation, a strange move when Samsung has their own dual-core processor in certain versions of the Galaxy S II. The rest of the specs are:

- Android 2.3
- physical dimensions: 5.16" x 2.76" x 0.37"
- 16GB internal storage, expandable with up to a 32GB microSD
- 8 MP back camera with 1080p and a front-facing camera
- Like the Nexus S, NFC support

No word yet on when this may be reaching users, but it hasn't even reached T-Mobile for testing yet. Looks like T-Mobile users will have to wait for dual-core Samsung goodies with the rest of us here in the U.S.

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  •  I was wainting for GSII but if this is true. I will be missing that ship. Wishing it had qHD though instead of WVGA. It better be soon too (quad core is around the corner or so I heard from a little birdie 🙂 )

  • Almost

    done! i will own it…