If you are a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, either you will like this news or it may make you mad. Korea Times reports that the second generation Galaxy Tab may be debuting at CES next week. The only people that will make angry are the folks that have only recently purchased the original Galaxy Tab and are now faced with the prospect of a new tablet with better performance hitting the market.

The second-generation Galaxy Tab is expected to run the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip, which puts dual cores inside that are faster than the Hummingbird processor inside the Galaxy Tab on the market now. The new Tab is also said to be the reference design for Android Honeycomb.

Along with the debut of the new Galaxy Tab Korea Times reports that LG will be showing off the Optimus Pad 8.9-inch Android tablet. We don’t have much in the way of details yet, but the LG tablet is said to run Honeycomb. CES should be interesting for Android tablet fans.

Via Netbook News

  • Wow!!! It’s amazing how Samsung has time to work on new technology but can’t fix the issues with shortages of applications with the current version. Samsung has spoken of Media Hub release since September but yet no where to be found. It seems as if Samsung was in rush to push the Tab for the holidays in order to make money. This is a great product with some shortcomings. Let’s think in the now instead of the future to ensure you don’t lose loyal customers. The lack of currents updated apps for the tab has made me wish I could return this product and purchase an IPad.

  • Apple ipad is still the best.

  • orama

    anthony what are you doing here? keep enjoying your old and rotten apple in other place.

  • jerrym_sickofgalaxytabhaters

    If you are an iPAD owner/user and just want to gripe about the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, go somewhere else and spill your hateful guts there….NOT HERE! IS THAT PERFECTLY UNDERSTOOD???

  • Greg Cimmarrusti

    As the owner of both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab I see them as two different devices. The iPad is perfect for my wife, does what she needs at home (web surf, facebook, bible study, etc.) As for me the Galaxy Tab is my “take everywhere” business tool that will accompany me to meetings alongside my LiveScribe Pulse Pen and Journal. Together makes a “Killer” combo. Both fit nicely in my Franklin/Covey daytimer.

  • Android_Forever

    Motorola’s 10″ XOOM
    HP’s 10″ or 7″ HPAD
    LG’s 9″ Optimus Pad
    HTC’s 10″ and 7″ SCRIBE
    Samsung’s 7″ and probably 10″ Galaxy Tab 2
    Sharp’s 10″ and 7″ Galapagos
    IT’S VEGAS, BABY!^^ It’s CES 2011.

    I love Android and will LOVE it.

  • Wil

    Anthont, can you hold the oPad with one hand while typing on it? If so, for how long?

  • Ricky


    Not sure what your talking about, I have the Galaxy Tab and it comes preloaded with media hub as well as many other cool apps.

  • Nipinton

    we can expect that samsung galagy pad 2 will kill apple ipad2 , get free iphone from http://www.i-phone3gs.com