Samsung loves their pink phones. If you’re anywhere in Asia you can probably pick up a pink Galaxy S II at your local Qi-Shiyi, but alas, that option has been sadly missing from the Galaxy Note. Not anymore: a new “Berry Pink” version on the extra-large smartphone was unveiled in Samsung’s home territory of South Korea yesterday. If you simply must have the right hue to match your lip gloss, toenails and/or Tazer, this is the one for you. Sammy says that the pink version will go on sale on April 17th, presumably for the same price as the more sedate colors. The pink version was previously spotted at CeBIT.

Aside from a hue that’s apparently a “sensuous expression of emotion”, the Galaxy Note retains its charming specs. Come for the 5.3-inch Super AMOLED 720p display and matching S-Pen stylus, stay for the 1.4Ghz dual-core processor and 16GB of storage space, and possibly get frustrated at the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS that the phone is still running. The pink theme extends to the capacitive navigation buttons and the S-Pen. For your won you also get a matching book-style cover.

The pink versions of Samsung phones are usually pretty well distributed around greater Asia, but unaccountably fail to make it to Europe or the Americas, much to the consternation of Susan G. Komen. We’ll have to settle for the standard Blue/Black/White options and commiserate on out lack of feminine-themed choices. If you’re waiting on an Ice Cream Sandwich update, keep waiting… but AT&T users can bid adieu to their warranties and flash a leaked ROM if they’re feeling brave.

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  • original or ap set??

  • I don’t like pink. I have black and it is cool.

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    • Yomama

      You might not like pink but it suits you.  Every Galaxy Note person is also a pink person.  

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  • Fugu

    That thing is bigger than her head.  LMAO.

    • turon16

       duh of course because the SG note is closer to the lens and she is farther.

  • where can i get one that’s uncontracted and pink? i live in the U.S.