We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has been popular in every region that device has been launched in. It may surprise you just how popular the S II has been though. Try this little factoid on for size, the Galaxy S and S II have racked up total combined sales of 30 million units globally. The S II is the flagship smartphone from Samsung and sales continue to grow.

According to Samsung, the previous Galaxy S smartphone moved 20 million units since it launched last June. Clearly, the S II is selling even faster than the predecessor did. In 16 months of availability, the original Galaxy S sold 20 million units. It has taken the S II only a short while to move 10 million units globally.

Samsung attributes the success of both smartphones to the Super AMOLED screen, fast APU, and the optimized nature of the smartphone. The S and S II smartphones are among the most popular devices available in many countries. We certainly like the S II around here, you can check out our hands on time with the smartphone right here.

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  • and Galaxy S2 is the phone of the year!!!
    good job samsung

  • Anonymous

    I started a countdown for when the phone which we should not speak off sells more than 10 million in a few more weeks…

  • Anonymous

    I owned SII last Sunday! argh.. Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Considering some people still regard Samsung a cheapo electronics company this is a remarkable feat! 

  • Cass

    I have a Galaxy S 🙂 I love it