There’s some bad news for those eagerly waiting for Samsung‘s latest tablet/laptop hybrid to hit the market. It seems that the Samsung ATIV Q has hit a substantial snag in the form of a patent issue which has caused its delay, and might even cause its death.

Samsung announced the device last June at their Premiere event in London. The ATIV Q is basically a hybrid that features a slider form factor instead of a detachable or a bluetooth keyboard. But what makes the device really interesting is that it features what Samsung claims to be the world’s highest resolution tablet display, with 3200×1800 squeezed into a 13.3-inch screen. And, of course, one cannot ignore the tablet’s ability to run Windows 8 and Android side-by-side almost seamlessly. You can catch up with our hands-on impressions of the ATIV Q and see why we were quite interested in getting one.

Unfortunately, that day may never come. Insider sources revealed that the ATIV Q has been delayed because of patent issues regarding the device’s selling feature: the ability to run two operating systems together at the same time. We’re not privy to the exact technology involved, but we can only assume that it might not be the same thing that’s used when running a full OS inside another OS via virtual machines, something that has been in existence for quite a long time now.

The source says that Samsung is working on trying to resolve these issues but that things aren’t looking good and Samsung has reportedly canceled pre-orders. Nothing is official yet, so it’s probably not yet time to bid farewell to an interesting and possibly impressive device.

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  • omnimoeish

    This is the only hybrid I’d buy because it’s the only one that can actually be both a laptop and a tablet. The others are making too much compromise. I need Android and I need full Windows compatibility (not Windows RT, the cousin Oliver Windows). I need a decent size SSD (not this 64GB stuff), I need high res for photo editing, I need a tablet for taking notes and gaming, I need Haswell for 9 hour battery life while being able to run any legacy software. I REALLY hope this tablet makes it to production. I would actually sell my Macbook Pro for this.

    • Wtf

      You need to STFU and stay with ur macrap

      • riceryder

        The guy is trying to switch camps and you’re giving him a hard time? WTF is wrong with you?!

  • Joshua Barta

    Any word on the actual patent(s) involved here? People have been dual booting for ages. I hope this isn’t another case of some troll obtaining a BS patent by taking an obvious, pre-existing concept and tacking “on a mobile device” onto it.

    • Juan Carlos Torres

      It’s different from dual booting though. Dual booting involves running one OS at a time, not at the same time. What the ATIV Q does is somewhat closer to virtualization, where you run on OS on top of another so that both are running at the same time, but one is running inside the other. I’m guessing there’s more to it that than though, as there’s really some seamless integration going on between Windows and Android.

      No news on the exact patents involved. It would be interesting to know, too, but I’m guessing Samsung is probably legally hindered from disclosing details to the public.

  • Gerardo Saenz

    I think who ever is trying to stop innovation from happening, either APPLE, ASUS, SONY, LEVONO, OR LG, they are very stupid because this innovation can help make even better tablet/computers. And if Samsung, the best company in the world is listening or reading this, which is most likely. I really hope Samsung can beat the problem and go on to releaseing this geneuse idea, it will be the number one tablet and computer everywhere!!!!! And I even read that Apple whants to build a 13 inch tablet to compet with the mightiest SAMSUNG ATIV Q, I cracked up. And if Samsung was reading this comment I would say. “Please try to release this sweet computer, and I especially whant to get one”. I have even told many people about THE SAMSUNG ATIV Q, and you dont know how much they whant to get their hands on it, especially me and I really whant to use it for school and even brag about how god it is. So I really hope we can see it very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weegie-boy

    This better not be a patent troll who holds the patent that is holding this up? If this is a real company with a real product then fine but if someone holds this and does not use it, then this whole patent thing is just a bloody joke. Patent holders should have a limited time to use their idea before it becomes void as this is just holding up innovation and products that people want.

    • nowew owkelw

      Without legally protected MONOPOLIES there would be no capitalism?
      I mean, why should I compete in the marketplace when I can just get the government to take your money and give it to me!

  • Steve Works

    Couldn’t they just release it with one OS (Windows) and leave it to us buyers to install the second OS (Android)?

  • Dredgemaster

    Since I saw the premiere, I’ve waited for the release of a machine that will solve a major problem for me – having to lug both a laptop and a tablet around, especially when travelling overseas. I hope Samsung solves the problem and look forward to buying an ATIV Q

  • ThatsJustHowISeeIt

    I ended up buying a Duo 13 send I`m happy with it. What really turned me off with the Ativ Q was it being limited to 4 gb of RAM.

  • Karsus

    The closest thing I can think of to this, is Parallels on the Mac. Wonder if that’s who the conflict is with.