Today the folks from Samsung surprised the entire crowd up on stage in London for their Premiere event, and announced a brand new 13.3-inch 3200 × 1800 qHD+ resolution tablet that dual boots both Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Windows 8. We immediately got excited and wanted to learn more, and now we have have on pictures and impressions below. I want one already!

To say I’m not a fan of Windows 8 would be an understatement, and as you all know, Android is my home. However, using the ATIV Q we’re able to instantly switch from Windows 8 to Android in seconds. A tap of that home button and you’ll switch from Windows to our favorite little green robot. Oh and if you didn’t notice, this is vanilla Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. No Samsung TouchWiz here, but that could change by launch. We’re not sure.

In case you missed the details in our announcement post, the ATIV Q rocks some pretty impressive specs, although we’re still waiting for final details. With a 13.3-inch ‘world’s highest resolution’ tablet display coming in at 3200 x 1800 all powered by the latest generation Intel Haswell processor, this thing will fly. Both Windows 8 usage and Android performance should be excellent for all tasks, and even gaming.

The display looks amazing, it really is crisp and beautiful. Even though we’re holding a massive 13.3-inch device. Sadly the tablet is attached to the keyboard for good, as this is more for Windows than Android. However, the 4-in-1 custom latch offers a flat tablet mode, a stand mode, floating mode for even better usage, then the standard laptop style approach. So far it’s extremely durable, comes in under 5 lbs so is fairly lightweight, and it feels pretty good. Durable, quality device we have in our hands here.

One important and awesome feature is the fact that we can pin Android apps right to the Windows 8 homescreen, at least according to Samsung. That means even while browsing the web using Windows you can instantly head down and fire up an Android app in a matter of seconds. Switching is nearly instant, and seems quite smooth. We’d love to benchmark Android with Haswell, but that won’t be happening today. Samsung added their usual S-Pen sylus, but without TouchWiz we’re not seeing those usual Galaxy Note S-Pen favored apps, at least not at this moment.

With Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Windows 8, USB 3.0, a pretty nifty keyboard and more the Samsung ATIV Q is quite the device. So far there’s no details on pricing, release date, or even fully official specs, so we’ll be updating the minute Samsung gives us more info. Who likes what they’re seeing? Check out more pictures below.


  1. So if this thing comes with the sPen Functioning on stock android 4.2.2 does that mean there is hope for a ROM for my Note2 that is stock Android but still have the sPen functionality?

  2. Not sure what the news on this item is; ran across article accidentally, and had to wonder why Samsung would bother with WIN8 at all on a tablet, or delve into the transformer style device.

    Ok, sure, i can see tons of benefits, but don’t want or need ANOTHER device (designed to replace them, which i doubt will happen). I find it hard to call it a “tablet” (implying a diminutive size, portability); a 7 to 8.3″ device (in my small hands, and by my own defintion) is a TABLET. This thing is a Trapper-Keeper!!! Despite the functionality benefits and screen resolution, this looks a lot like a cross between a chromebook/netbook and a smartphone, the latter of which we carry anyway. If i only needed a bigger screen, I’d just mirror. Sure, i’d love one, but wouldn’t consider purchasing. Perhaps I’ll change my mind if Samsung gives me one. Still, i’m curious how long this’ll be a hot item. My programmer friends just LOVE win8. LMAO!


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