Take a look, if you’d like, at the portal -lxr.free-electrons.com for a Linux file automatically generated from the OMAP hardware databases, one with some spicy previews for what’s to come early this year. In the first few lines you’ll notice some lovely bits that could add up to a spicy new device from two of the biggest names in tech: Texas Instruments and Nokia. A device with an OMAP4 processor – is this the same processor announced back in December 2010 by TI, one with dual-core, 1.5GHz, support for 1080p video playback and conferencing, gesture recognition, two 12 megapixel cameras, and more? I’d bank on yes.

This news bit popped up to us via the Maemo messageboards just moments ago. What will this undeniably exciting and super future powerful device be? And when will it be announced? How about 35 days from now at MWC 2011? We’ll be there – in fact, yours truly will be there at MWC aka Mobile World Congress 2011 so we can be supreme first posters of such info to you, the valued Community. – Thanks for the tip garsim!

  • Pablo

    Um, so nokia is working on a new device on new hardware.. whats surprising about it? and what makes you think it runs android? I see no connection to android whatsoever :S

  • Jay

    With dual core phones coming out from original andriod supporting handset companies . Nokia is comming to late to the game . So many of us really dont care .

  • Nic

    Sorry to ruin the party but tbis header file does not look like referring to a phone but to the platform wbich ks the OMAP SoC. And having the Nokia copyright notice simply means that they have wrote some of it, which makes perfect sense. Most probably TI has bought some IP from Nokia and this file is the software support.

  • Chris Burns

    Thanks for the input, all.

  • Adil W

    Nokia is not known to release handsets with poor battery life, and it is very unlikely that this is a Nokia device.

    Look at the N900, they hardly promoted the device or released updates, although the hardware combination was the best on the market when released.

    And what will Nokia do with OVI if they adopt android, re-engineering android to use OVI is not a practical idea, and will not pass the muster at shareholder meetings both Nokia and Google

  • george

    @adil w,

    get over yourself. i have owned at least 25 nseries and eseries phones and many of them had average or worse battery life. the only difference between android and symbian is that on an android phone you can actually get an accurate indication of battery life, where symbian will show you 100% for 8hrs then die in 2

  • yesiknow

    George your talking rubbish as owner of both Symbian and Android devices, Battery life on Symbian is at least double

  • Nic is the closest to the truth, say 98% close