Oracle loses again, ordered to pay Google’s legal fees

June 7, 2012

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More bad news is being handed down to the folks at Oracle this week. After completely losing the legal battle with Google over Android and their Java code it looks like they've now been ordered to shell out some serious cash and pay back Google for all those pesky legal fees. Double win for Android!

Apparently after Oracle's multiple (3) attempts in court over this issue, some ground rules this last time were put in place by the Judge stating if Oracle lost, they'd have to cover Google's legal fees for wasting the courts time. Today this has all been confirmed and it looks like instead of getting millions billions of dollars from Google, they'll be paying Google back a little over $300,000 for their trouble according to multiple sources close to the matter.

While $300k might not be a lot to a huge company like Oracle, it's still another blow to them and their egos after this losing battle with Google. The official court documents are available here should you want to look them over and laugh a little. Now hopefully the same thing happens to Apple.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  • Magnus100

    This calls for celebration! Would love for Apple to suffer the same fate, only on a much grander scale, like having to pay billions to their victims in addition to having their major products delayed and having those money grubbing slimy bastard attorneys of theirs fired

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Mess with the Best Fall like the rest.
    In the words of Nelson from Simpsons “hahah”

  • David Loman

    I would celebrate as if it was Independence Day if Google was able to do the same thing to Apple. But with Apple, Google should seek to get gazillions of dollars and pay back every android smartphone developer for all the waste of time and losses of sells because of their ridiculous bans and delaying the releases of android phones. Man, I would have such a blast if that happened

  • Oracle

    “.. damnit, maybe we shouldn’t have bought SUN.. (looking toward MySQL)”

  • Legal fees more than two orders of magnitude larger. Try $1000/hour times 2000 hours per lawyer times 20 lawyers.

  • dezz