No Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hardware tweaks; Honeycomb slate still on track insists exec

March 7, 2011

Samsung has insisted the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet is still on track with its original release plans, denying speculation that the company were returning the 10.1-inch slate to the engineering lab so as to make it more competitive against the iPad 2. Having been quoted as saying that "[Samsung] will have to improve the parts [of the Galaxy Tab 10.1] that are inadequate" last week, Executive Vice President Lee Don-Joo told Yonhap News this weekend that the tablet wasn't being reworked.

Speaking shortly after Apple unveiled the second-gen iPad, Don-Joo had singled out the slate's slim build as a key improvement. Samsung had previously been championing the Galaxy Tab 10.1's thinner chassis than the first-gen iPad, as well as its lighter weight.

"We will continue to make every effort to provide the most powerful, well-designed and productive mobile device to customers" Don-Joo now says, though it seems Samsung only has pricing left to differentiate the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Olitos

    And honeycomb

  • AppleFUD

    As if anyone other than Steve Jobs cares just how thin a tablet is. How easy it is to hold is more important along with a few of the “specs” that Apple wants to now claim as irrelevant–SD expansion slot, udb, hdmi, HD, etc. . .

  • Asdkolaks Askdjiio

    I hope this will be soon.

  • Asdkolaks Askdjiio

    I hope this will be soon.