This new Nexus 7 wasn’t expected to be available until the end of the month. But while that was the plan we saw Best Buy change the pre-order buttons to add-to-cart buttons early yesterday. From that point the tablet seems to have also shifted with a handful of other retailers.

During the day the new Nexus 7 came available with Amazon and Staples and also direct from the Google Play Store. Of course, the Google Play Store sales are still showing a shipping date of “by” July 30th. That aside, while Best Buy appears to still be stocked, the tablet availability appears to be dwindling with some others.

The 32GB Nexus 7 is now showing a 3-4 week lead-time for shipping. So far the 16GB appears to be available for immediate shipping with Amazon though. The one retailer that seems to have taken the bigger hit is Stapes. Then again, given they were offering those $30 off tablet coupons we probably shouldn’t be all that surprised.

With that in mind, both the 16GB and 32GB Nexus 7 listings with Staples are now showing with an “out of stock” message. While it is a bit early to figure out if this means the tablet is an overwhelming success or if these retailers simply had limited inventory to begin with — one thing seems clear in that if you were wanting to grab one of these you may want to give some thought to doing that sooner rather than later.

Otherwise, this new Nexus 7 is priced at $229.99 for the 16GB model and $269.99 for the 32GB model. We spent a bit of hands-on time with the tablet following the announcement earlier in the week and have also been working on a full review in the time since. Simply put, if you are curious as to how the Nexus 7 stands up — keep an eye on the site for that review.

  • Nathaniel_Graham

    Glad I went to Best Buy on lunch break yesterday and picked mine up.

  • samizad

    Waiting for shipping by Google play on the 30th

  • usedToLikeGoogle

    Down with Google for release date of nexus 7 2 in the UK

  • GigaCode

    I got mine from amazon today 😀

  • DJ Holmes

    Ordered mine from Best Buy yesterday, picked it up today.

  • earth

    Would like to see Asus come out with their own flavor of N7 with SD lot (Google wont do this) and Tegra 4 or Snap800. Would pay up to $100 more for that.

    Would also like to see someone put out a near zero bezel 7 incher that includes a separate solid snapon frame for those who want bezel. Aftermarket could come out with different sizes and maybe even w/front facing speakers.

    • SeekTruthFromFacts

      “Would like to see Asus come out with their own flavor of N7 with SD”

      Memopad HD7?

      • earth

        Yeah, the next gen of that with 2013 N7 specs but also Snap800/Tegra4 and SD slot.

  • cmzitxx

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