Surprise, it looks like after a few retail outlets accidentally started selling the brand new just announced Nexus 7 a few days early, Google‘s decided to join them. After initially confirming the new slate would go on sale July 30th, Google has surprised us all and opened all orders this afternoon. You can get the new Nexus 7 right now from Google Play.

It’s only a few days early but we’re sure all you eager buyers can’t wait to get your hands on the brand new Android 4.3 powered full HD tablet running the world’s greatest mobile OS. It looks like both the 16 and 32GB Nexus 7 is available as we speak, for $229 and $269 respectively.

Google’s Play Store is probably about ready to get fully bogged down by orders, so you might want to hurry and order right this moment if you’ve been debating the purchase. The order page says the tablets will ship by July 30th, not on July 30th, so it could ship out today if you hurry and order with some overnight shipping.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 12.33.29 PM

If you haven’t already tried your nearest Best Buy, they have them on the shelves if you can find them in stock, and it looks like Amazon is also your next best bet to get this slate. Hopefully All those other outlets they mentioned on Wednesday will start selling these early too. Stay tuned for our full review coming up quick, and get one while they last.

VIA: Google Play