Coming in addition to the recent chatter about Android 4.4 Kit Kat arriving on October 25, it looks like the Nexus 5 may be arriving in the Play Store at the end of October. We have yet to see the mass of press invites go out to the media, however it is starting to look like Kit Kat and the Nexus 5 are still going to arrive in October as had been rumored. And interestingly enough, it is looking like they are both going to arrive on different days.

Of course, the important part to remember here is this is all firmly in the rumor category at the moment. With that reminder out of the way, this latest Nexus 5 leak comes by way of the folks at MobileSyrup. There isn’t much in terms of detail, but they are reporting based on an unnamed tipster. According to what was said, they have “been tipped that Google will make the Nexus 5 available via Google Play on Thursday, October 31st.”

Aside from the Halloween Play Store availability, this same tipster also mentioned the Canadian availability would begin a week later, on either November 7th or 8th. And sticking with the rumors pointing towards an end of October availability, the folks at Spigen have updated some case listings.

As you will see from the image sitting below, Spigen has three case options for the Nexus 5 listed. And the key here, all are showing an available to ship timeframe of “end of October.” Needless to say, this is nothing more than a product listing for an online store. Or in other words, those three words could be easily and quickly updated should the need arise.


Otherwise, touching on the launch of Kit Kat and the details we had seen were coming by way of the GO Launcher team. They are claiming to have received an invitation from Google about the launch of the next version of Android. The invitation tipped this as being on Friday October 25th, but that could vary depending on the timezone. GO Launcher is based out of China.

Anyway, we would have expected to already have seen some official invitations hit the mass media if Google was indeed planning something for October, but we suppose stranger things have happened. Not to mention, with the whole Kit Kat candy connection here, an October (Halloween) timeframe does seem to make sense.

  • John

    Actually, what they said was that it would be available on Canadian CARRIERS one week later NOT that Canadian availability is one week later. The way they wrote the article, it appears that it will be available on Google Play in both Canada and the US on Oct 31.

    • Adam Young

      I hope that’s the case, I plan on buying the phone from Google Play. I really hope it’s released on the CDN Play store on Oct 31, I really don’t want to wait 8 days.

      • John

        Me neither. If it waits that long, there’ll be no more in stock!!!

      • Canadian

        I hope it’s in the Canadian Play Store, if not then I’m buying from the US. Screw carriers.

      • Max Thomas

        Hey, at least this way you can see all the reviews and solidify your decision a bit more. 🙂

  • grrchas

    I ordered the Spigen Neo Hybrid case on 10/23/2013 from Amazon and its scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, 10/29/2013. The tracking info from FedEx’s site indicates that it is on time.

    • turdbogls

      i have already ordered and received my ultra fit case…so the phone is ready to go. i have a feeling both will be launched on halloween. but i would still like to hear SOMETHING from google so I know when i can actually order it or pre-order it. i dont want to take any chances, i am itching to leave verizon and this is the phone to do it.

    • James Sarino

      Ordering my Neo Hybrid too. 🙂 With my S2 Skyrocket going on its last legs, a Halloween launch can’t come soon enough!

      • jimv1983

        My Skyrocket has been on its “last legs” since pretty soon after I got it. Such a piece of crap.

      • James Sarino

        My Skyrocket hardware-wise was fine…it’s the stock OS that’s been crap. I couldn’t take it anymore after the ICS carrier update and soon after rooted it and flashed CM10 (on 10.1.3 stable now).

  • Skynet US

    It only make sense for them to launch the Nexus 5 with KIT KAT on Halloween. It’s been their plan all along. Why do people not see this?

    • KiwiBri

      for sure!!

    • UKROB

      They should allow pre-orders for the play store on Halloween, it would make people feel better that they have a spot in line and it would keep the hype up rather than leaving people in the dark

  • bsmith9999

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • BoulderiteBill

      Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.

      • xplodian

        haha… George dub-ya bush..

  • htowngtr

    My spigen cases shipped yesterday.

    • Max Thomas

      Pics? I’m sure me and a few others would like to see them.

      • htowngtr

        Sure will do when they arrive Monday

  • Epic Tea

    go launcher sucks sorry, but nova launcher and many others are far better.

    • Robert Johnson

      We’re talking about the Nexus 5 here “sorry”

    • UKROB

      agreed, for those that have not tried Nova launcher, they don’t know what they’re missing.

      • MannyLegacy

        I most definitely Concur!………Nova Launcher is really nice

  • Epic Tea

    i took a break from android for the month of october and gave ios 7 a chance on the iphone 5 its nice and a solid phone and experience, but I am missing android, i wish we could get a solid announcement so I know when to sell the 5.

    • UKROB

      iOS is such a simple, basic, feature lacking interface compared to Android.
      Sadly, only Android user’s realize this.
      Once you’ve switched to Android is very difficult to accept iOS again.

      • Luke hobster

        Tempted to switch if Google ever release the damn Nexus 5

      • qnetter

        I’ve tried an Android device every six to nine months since it came out. The UI inconsistency and jumble of who-cares features turns me off every time. I always return to iOS.

      • tony

        i agree with the jumbling. the reason for this jumbling is because different companies apply different launchers or skins to stock android. I don’t do a hell of a lot of research, but for example, samsung has touchwiz, htc has sense 5, sony has that …thing..

      • Max Thomas

        Yeah, that’s one of the only annoyances I have with Android. Otherwise it satisfies all my customization and ex-jailbreaking needs. And it plays a lot nicer with Linux development-wise and software-wise.

      • Vishal Iyer

        To be honest, I prefer a jailbroken iPhone to the Nexus. Two major reasons made me switch to Android though:
        1.) cost
        2.) Apple’s pointless and neverending war against jailbreaking. I’ve bought an iPhone and left it unused for months before while waiting for a jailbreak to be released. It’s almost unusable if not jailbroken IMO. In any case, I have no desire to go back to Apple. They are the MS Windows of phones these days.

      • HoppingBunny

        Aww… The troubles and travails of a first-world citizen …

      • Vishal Iyer

        Aww, trite and forced hipster replies :P.

    • Adam

      I’m on the same boat as you.

  • Bruce Wayne

    My hands are itching for this device I just cant wait.

  • abbazaba


  • nandre

    Somebody obviously didn’t sign an NDA last night at the Google Play event…

  • hi here

    New Nexus looking really good, hoping it comes out in white

  • Matt

    The phone looks simplistically amazing. I’m on iOS 7 and I kind of want to go back to Android. Can’t wait to see this phone get released.

  • vcarvega

    WAY too many rumors surrounding this phone now… I can’t wait for some real news to finally come out regarding it. It makes me wonder how much of what we’ve heard is fake regarding specs as well.

  • Liam Crimmins

    i see, rumored for 24th, now based on nothing the 31st….
    just admit it you all have no idea what is going on

  • Ritesh

    Rumors are really annoying me, i have to switch to a new phone quickly, if it takes to much time in this rumors, i will have to go for the other…
    Google should have announced on it & stopped all these nonsense rumors…

  • Sean

    These are bunch of hoax site promoters to get people click on them. Until you hear something official from Google just ignore these crap and enjoy your time.