A good number of dates have already come and gone but Android 4.4 is still nowhere to be seen. This latest number, however, may yet prove to be closer to the truth as it is reported to come from Google itself, at least according to the GO Launcher team.

Like any other upcoming product release, Google’s latest Android iteration is surrounded by rumors, leaks, speculation, anticipation, as well as frustration. We’ve had a long series of supposed launch dates, almost all of which have not come to pass. With just a week left before the expected launch month is over, which of course is also a rumor, all that’s left is the October 28th date that was also dropped last week.

It seems though that Google may yet release Android 4.4 before this week is over. On its Facebook page, the makers of the popular home screen launcher GO Launcher claims to have received a special invitation coming from Google itself for the launch of the next Android version. That invitation puts the launch this Friday, October 25. They don’t mention anything about the Nexus 5, though.

[UPDATE] The date might actually also be Saturday, October 26 depending on the timezone of reference. GO Launcher’s base of operations is in China.

Many of you might already be quite tired of the launch date rumors and might decide to just let it happen when it happens. In the meantime, you could brush up on the features we’re expecting Android 4.4 KitKat to have via our timeline links below.

SOURCE: GO Launcher EX
VIA: Reddit