Mysterious 5-inch HTC phablet leaks again

September 5, 2012

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Earlier this week we got our first glance at the upcoming and still very mysterious rumored 5-inch Galaxy Note rival from the folks at HTC. Fast forward a few days and now we are getting our third picture of the unknown handset only this time we can see that 5-inch screen in all it's blurry glory. The photo surely isn't clear -- but we'll take what we can get.

Over the past few months we've been hearing subtle rumors that HTC is planning an impressive 5-inch 1080p smartphone phablet to take on the competition from Samsung with their Galaxy Note II, as well as LG's Optimus Vu. After a few leaks suggested the phone could head to Verizon we got a little excited.

Monday's leak showed a rather large device that is most likely the rumored 5-inch smartphone with plenty of red accents like we've seen with recent HTC devices on Verizon like the Incredible. While that was the initial thought multiple other sites are stating this could be the tight lipped HTC One X+ we've heard a few rumors about in the recent past.

Whether this is a quad-core Tegra 3 packing One X+ boosted to 1.7 GHz like rumors have suggested, or the 5-inch HTC phablet we've been waiting for either way we want to know all the details -- and soon. The folks from TechOrz managed to snag this front facing photo and are calling this the Endeavor C2, which would make it be a successor to the HTC One X, and not a 5-inch device. Either way we'll be finding out more details soon, possibly at HTC's event slated for later this month.

What do you guys think? Or is it too blurry to tell?

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  • Captain_Doug

    I don’t understand. The camera on my phone is way better than this and my phone is like 2 years old. Why is it that the only people who see these phones have flip phones on them?

    • right.. I swear it’s on purpose.

    • secano

      Chinese factory workers.

      • Captain_Doug

        It seems so obvious now…

  • CSI the hell out of that photo and figure out whose face it is that took the pic and what phone they used.

    • n900mixalot

      That is an EVO.

      • Nah. Evo has a different bezel on top and the front camera is on the other side

      • n900mixalot

        I meant the camera used to take the picture, not the mystery phone. Isn’t that the reflection of an Evo’s camera? A white edition?

  • What would the ppi be on this phone?

  • vince

    This can’t be the phablet, there are physical buttons on this phone. From all reports so far the resolution size comes up short because of the on screen buttons.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    The LG phone is a half-baked POS but I am curious about the HTC phone. But the flagship product here is the Galaxy Note 2 as it is a second generation phone. I hope Verizon does not screw up by not offering the Note 2. I’ve already looked up my ETF on Verizon and will be switching over to 4G LTE on AT&T if Verizon does not deliver the Note 2.

    • istayripped

      I agree with you on that LG Vu.. That thing doesn’t even come close to the original Note, let alone the Note 2. Samsung has truly raised the bar. I’m a huge fan of HTC, but I don’t think they will hit their mark with this one. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Christie

    If that follows the same as every other HTC phone I’ve seen, then the HTC logo at the top is the exact same size– every phone I’ve checked , regardless of size, the logo’s the exact same size.

    assuming that, and some math, you can get a rough idea of the physical size of the phone. ~75x147mm

    Which also works out to a 5-5.1″ screen. I think this is the same phone spec’d out here:

    Which would make it comparable to the Note2, and a bit better in my opinion.. i sure as hell hope so!

  • Tim

    It will need to be at least 5.5 inches to compete successfully with the Note.
    Every new Top of the Range phones next year will be 5 inch with an even slimmer

  • mr.

    I see the LG phablet version as a jumbo calculator….

  • Noel

    From the reflection on the device… can anyone tell or recognize which phone is used to take the picture. The circular camera looks like that of the One X but the two led flash on the right and what looks like a speaker on the left…hard to tell. Can that be the back of the device or that of the One X+? My guess is though it looks like the back of the HTC Sensation XL should be adopted to the back of the new One X+…i hope so.