Remember the Motorola Triumph headed for Virgin Mobile in a few days? We had it over for a hands-on and unboxing just this week and it will be available from Virgin Mobile on July 20th. Well some reports of this off-contract 4.1″ Vanilla Android 2.2 phone is actually selling early over at big blue — yea that would be Best Buy.

The last thing we heard from Best Buy regarding this phone was they were going to start taking pre-orders back near the end of June. With multiple reports coming out of Reddit today saying they have already bought the phone and been using it all day.

Again the Triumph is a 4.1″ display phone with vanilla Android 2.2 (so no Moto Blur) packing a 1 Ghz processor. All able to be used for pay as you go and bought off contract for only $300. It might not be a beastly dual-core but it sure is a heck of a deal anyways. Reports are saying that some buyers were able to activate and others were not but the thread is ongoing. Keep trying to activate as they are slowly coming online and will officially be released by Virgin Mobile come Wednesday.

[via Reddit]

  • Outlawmonster

    Im using it right now!

  • I got mine at Radio Shack on Monday because BEst buy was  not selling them here in FLorida yet.
    I could not get it to activate until Tues morning. All good now. Great phone.  The audio sounds a bit weak compared to the Intercept but overall a great phone.