At their big event in NYC today, Motorola announced a slew of devices and one in particular is the Motorola Triumph coming to Virgin Mobile this summer. This is the first Motorola device offered by Virgin Mobile and they look to be pushing for more high end phones on their pre-paid network with the launch of this phone. Did I mention it runs stock Android 2.2 Froyo with no Moto Blur.

The Triumph is pushing some great specs for a device with no contact. A pretty 4.1″ 800×480 resolution display as well as a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, a 5 MP camera on the rear with VGA on the front, 720p video playback over HDMI-out. It runs Android 2.2 FroYo and its looking pretty stock to me, so no Moto Blur in tow. The android version looks a lot like the original Motorola Droid. The Triumph also features the same soft touch backing as other Moto devices so it feels quite a bit similar to the Droid only thinner without a keyboard, and that huge 4.1″ screen of course. I’d also like to note the bezel around the screen is very small so the device looks and feels great.

This is the first Motorola device on Virgin Mobile, and it being such a great device we can only see more coming in the future. Its no Photon 4G but it is pretty sweet. It running stock Android makes us believe an update to 2.3 could be in its future but with the phone just being announced we wont here anything on that until later. We were live at the Motorola event so check out all the photos and video below and tell us what you think. Will you leave Verizon or some other network for this solid looking device to have no contract?

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It doesn’t have any flare or spice to it whatsoever, it seems and looks very plain but in a good way. The soft-touch plastic coating gives it a nice feel and we have a feeling they kept it plain to keep costs down for you no contract Virgin Mobile buyers.