Welcome to the greatest device ever to come sailing in on a pair of skis with a boombox attached to its knees – that’s right, it’s an Android and it’s on Virgin Mobile and yes, it’s Vanilla! That means that Motorola, in this case, hasn’t added very much if ANY sorts of modifications over the stock Android made by Google, that meaning here that it’s FroYo like it was meant to be seen. This phone, it’s also important to mention, is carried by Virgin Mobile which means you’re going to be able to purchase it completely off-contract.

The Triumph has a 4.1-inch 800×400 pixel resolution WVGA touchscreen display, VGA camera on the front, 5-megapixel camera on the back, and you’ll be able to record 720p videos back there as well. A rather cool feature you don’t often see on a device that’s anything less than dual-core that you’re going to get here is HDMI-out. Sadly you do not get the cord necessary to make this happen inside the box this device comes in, but it’s nice to know the port is there. Additionally you’ll find that this device has a 1GHz processor, runs basically all stock apps with only a few additions from Virgin, and weighs in at 143g (5.04 ounces).

[vms 75784381a64e43e50922]

On the back and around the sides you’ll find soft to the touch plastic, on the back you’ll find a rectangle containing a single LED flash aside the 5-megapixel camera, and over the battery cover you’ll see the Virgin Mobile logo below a cool shiny Motorola M. Without a doubt this is the new Android flagship on Virgin, calling all competitors like the LG Optimus V in with a whistle and a kind hearty laugh. Pink it is! Will it stand up against the heavily contracted competition?

It’s got a big fat screen, it’s relatively thin, the camera is alright, and it’s got no contract on a Vanilla Froyo build with a 1GHz processor. Sounds like a win to me, and holding it right here right now, I’ve got to say, it’s looking pretty dern enticing. We’ll have a full review of this device up for you come the 20th, aka the day of launch!

BONUS : check out our other hands-on video from the first time we saw this device a few weeks ago in NYC:

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