Motorola promises unlocked bootloaders coming soon

July 11, 2012

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Motorola has recently announced a few new Android smartphones headed to market soon. One in particular is their new Motorola Atrix HD. Which will be a 4G LTE device for AT&T. Just like every other Motorola phone as of late, it will feature a signed and locked bootloader where users and developers can't control a thing. Motorola confirmed this on Twitter, as well as something else we've heard before.

According to Android Police Motorola confirmed they'll be locking the bootloader in this tweet. Then they quickly follow up that message by posting what is shown in my image above. Stating that Motorola plans to "provide a way to unlock the bootloaders on our devices to those who wish to do so," followed by "more details to come."

What's new Motorola? You've been saying that for well over a year now yet still haven't offered anything near a solution. Overpriced developer version phones don't count. HTC came up with an unlock tool within a matter of a few months, and ASUS did the same. Motorola started talking about this as far back as January of 2011. Do you think we'll ever see an unlock tool from Motorola? Hopefully now that Google owns Motorola Mobility we'll see some progress, but I won't be holding my breath.

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  • smokey78

    as usual.. that just another promise from moto.. ended up promises with no end.. bullshit moto

  • landon

    just moto trolling

  • Why even bother listening to Motorola they say 1 thing then do another, your better of just not even purchasing from Motorola.

  • bolski

    Yeah, when pigs fly. Moto speaking out of it’s posterior end once again.

  • reyrey

    i dont understand… if google owns moto, then why do they keep the bootloaders locked?