Motorola Atrix HD image and details revealed

July 5, 2012

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It looks like Motorola made a quick little mistake yesterday by launching the landing page on for their brand new unannounced Atrix HD. Neither Motorola or AT&T have announced the phone yet, but now we have all the official details on this 4G LTE device headed to AT&T.

Previously leaked as the Motorola Atrix 3, it's basically confirmed to be called the Atrix HD, and we can expect a formal announcement soon given the recent mistake. According to Droid-Life and Motorola's own site the Atrix HD sports a 4.5" HD LCD display, AT&T 4G LTE, has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera, 1780 mAh battery and is 8.4mm thick.

It's safe to say this looks like a fine blend between the DROID RAZR and the last Atrix, and we could even see an Atrix MAXX HD coming later with a larger battery. Why they've do away with the bigger battery is beyond me at this point. Just like the previously leaked renders this confirms the on-screen ICS navigation keys similar to the Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully the Google Motorola buyout is having a positive change on the company. Once we hear more info or get an official announcement we'll update with all the details.

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  • daredevildan

    I’ve always liked the Droid form factor and now we’re getting it on AT&T. Great looking phone and nice to see we don’t have to deal with “upgrade to ICS soon” escape clause.

  • Sony and Motorola

    This is REALLY confusing!! They still have to come out with an ACTUAL atrix 3 right?? what the hell is this phone? is it just an add to the series and the Atrix 3 will come out later? I mean come on…. I have been following these rumors only to be let down by this average phone? Do they know that phones like the galaxy s3, the htc one x, and lg optimus 4x is OUT already?? Im still expecting the motorola atrix 3……moto 🙁

  • RobM

    While I rather have a galaxy s3 in my pants pocket, I could always keep this one in my shirt pocket in hopes it may stop a bullet lol !

  • AG

    It wasn’t an accident that the page was released for a short period of time, it was a marking strategy, look at all the free press and buzz this phone is getting. I don’t understand why everyone is covering this as a mistake, like we are learning something we are not suppose to yet.