Moto X compared to the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and more in new photo

July 30, 2013

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With only a few more days of waiting before Motorola and Google take the covers off their new Moto X phone, we're getting one more leak this afternoon. The device will officially be unveiled on August 1st, but below we have a leaked photo showing the size of the device in comparison to some other flagship devices, as well as the old original DROID RAZR.

We know basically all there is to know about this smartphone by now, and this leak comes to us from Taylor Wimberly, who's been leaking info almost daily about this phone. He surely has his sources, and has been accurate all month long, so this looks pretty legit. Even if the on-screen buttons don't look right, and have the old Motorola navigation buttons and all.

So, back to the leaked image. We're getting a size comparison with the 4-inch iPhone 5, the 4.3-inch Motorola DROID RAZR, and the 4.99-inch Galaxy S4. All stacking up quite nicely next to the Moto X. If you weren't sure before, this 4.7-inch smartphone comes in a pretty sleek and small package, and is looking better by the day.

One of the key selling points come Thursday will be the fact that the edge-to-edge display allows for a big, bright, and beautiful HD display without making the phone huge. It's smaller than the 4.3-inch RAZR, and barely bigger than the iPhone 5. Even with a much bigger display. Add in Android 4.3 (hopefully) Jelly Bean, a blazing fast and efficient Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM, and their brand new 10 megapixel "clear pixel" camera.

We're not sure exactly where this image came from. Whether that be Moto themselves, or someone who made the nice graphic, but we appreciate getting another look as we all sit around waiting for Thursday to arrive. As a reminder, the event is late Thursday night, and we'll be there live!

SOURCE: +Taylor Wimberly

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  • Brian Utne

    Awww, who’s the cute little guy on the left?

    • Beat by a Mile

      The loser.

      • Akby

        I’ll hope it will come to Europe as well. I was planning on replacing my Defy that is becoming quite old now.

      • ridgeline1234

        Ya like moto would ever out sell iphone

      • ridgeline1234

        Ya like moto ever out sold iphone

  • LiterofCola

    I seriously thought the X would at least be slightly larger than the Razr….wishful thinking I guess.

    • Wishful thinking? Why do you want it bigger for no reason? It has a bigger screen and smaller bezels. perfect!

      • Captain_Doug

        I am so happy. =) You’re getting this phone day 1 right?

  • gmaninvan

    I like how the screen on the Moto X is only 0.3″ Smaller than the S4 but the size of the phone is dramatically smaller. Way better for handling. Good job Motorola