Having already said their Google TV would get an update in the third quarter of this year, LG is apparently ready to make good on that promise. Via a tipster, we learn that LG customer service is telling users they’ll see an update to their service, starting Monday.

The update, which is said to be an upgrade to Android Jelly Bean, was noted as being the 4.2.2 variety. The upgrade for Google TV was announced at Google I/O this year, but LG was the only company willing to commit to the change. Others, like the Logitech Revue or Vizio CoStar, have been quiet on their upgrade cycle.

On the heels of the Chromecast announcement, many wondered if Google TV was bound for the recycling bin. Google is determined to have both, saying they believe there is room for both in your living room. With hardware partners dragging their feet on upgrades or turning their back on the program altogether, we wonder how true that is. LG seems to be one of the few partners sticking around.

If you have an LG Google TV, or LG TV with Google TV built in, look for your update on Monday. It may roll out in one day, but a gradual implementation is expected.

  • Green Gadget

    The Logitech Revue is probably being quiet since Logitech washed their hands from GTV support more than a year ago- Probably would be better to assign these stories to someone familiar with the products/ecosystem.

  • Sir_Brizz

    The Revue is dead. The Atom processor in it is so freaking slow, it didn’t even work properly with the last couple of updates.

    • Matthew Drake

      I still think Logitech should have checked out the Marvel chipsets before going “all-in” and cashing out their chips..they had a good thing going,but I think Vizio won this round..now if Vizio would give us some sign they intend to do Jelly bean or Kitkat

  • Nick

    I just called LG TV customer support and they told me it will be released this month but not today.

  • Singh

    Nothing today, just check my tv. Any other updates on this? Really looking forward to this update.

  • eder morisset

    No update yet

  • Android2012

    No update yet on LG 55GA6400

  • Nick

    I just called LG TV customer service and they informed me that LG Google TV G3 series are the first one getting updates, this model is from 2012. So he told me first in first out (FIFO) therefore G2 are getting updates first so it is going in batches. My TV is GA6400 series and they have not turned on the updates for my series yet and I was told it may be very soon that my TV model will start getting updates.

    • Joelupr

      Please keep us informed. I am thinking about buying this LG Google TV.

  • Guest

    I called LG yesterday and they said it would be this week for my GA6400 series. I will believe it when I see it.

    • Joelupr

      Please keep us informed… I am thinking about buying this LG Google TV…

  • eder morisset

    I think LG and Google playing games they said 4.2.2 jelly bean coming to the google just to make people excited to buy the google tv but that’s not true!!

  • adrian morales

    I own a g3 and im still on 3.2

  • Edgar flores

    I also own a Google tv 55ga7900 still on 3.2 been hitting that update button since September so let’s hope Monday will be updated to 4.2

  • trent

    aid talked to a rep today said update will start rolling out tom

  • Android2012

    Rumor has it today Oct 21st the update should be available. It was delayed one week. Please post if you get the update!

  • David Middleton

    well I contacted LG on saturday and he said for my model ( 47G2 ) that the update should be rolling out by the end of the month. I figure there’s only another 10 days left, so there shouldn’t be too much longer of a wait. I hope LG stays true to their word.

  • SeanU

    I guess when they said “This Monday” they really didn’t specify which “This Monday” they were talking about. Hopefully this rolls out next “This Monday” .

  • Wes

    Finally got the update!!!!! Downloaded and installed today. Finally!!!

    • JD

      What model? Still not available on my 55GA7900 (G3)

      • Wes

        47GA6400 G3

      • Nick

        @Wes. How is your experience with Google TV update. Can you download all other applications. It used to be few handful with Android 3.2

      • Wes

        you can download a few more. Kind of dissapointing. No Hulu, redbox instant, no flash player. They took it out of chrome. Its not much different than 3.2.

      • Wes

        Chrome is now like mobile version rather than desktop. When I say a few more apps, I mean a few more.

      • Nick

        I am still within in my return period. I am thinking I am going to return this to bestbuy and buy Samsung Smart TV, I heard good things about it. I was just waiting for update but as you told it is nothing different from current version, I should rather return this.

      • Wes

        Nick, I had a Samsung but I believe the picture quality on this tv is above and beyond Samsung. I use Xbox for streaming. The update was really minimal on google tv but it works for what I use it for. Its your money so you do what you want with it. Im sure there will be another update soon as people will do some complaining about this one. Nowhere close to all the apps on a phone.

      • Singh

        Wes, why dont you post a picture of the menu screen, showing the update?

      • Wes

        Here you go!

      • Nick

        I returned my LG TV yesterday and Samsung 3D HDTV will be delivered tomorrow by BestBuy. I already own Samsung tablet and new Samsung Note 3 so I should stay with Samsung devices because Samsung TV works better with these tablets and smartphone, my LG TV was never able to connect to my Note3 and my tablet. I also looked at the performance of new Samsung TV from 2013, they look sharper.

  • Saleem

    Anybody got update on LG47G2?

    • peteo

      Not yet for me, keep trying and it’s nit showing up

    • Nick

      Nothing here yet

    • got the LG55G2 update this morning.

      • Yasir Faheem

        What did you do to get the update? I have the same tv lg 55g2 and did not get the update. When i try to check for updates there is no update i am told. I called lg and they told me update was only for 2013 models not 2012 models. Any idea?

      • That morning, when my wife turned on the TV, a dialog box appeared with the text firmware update something or other on it. My wife shut me down and told me to just update it when i got home. I didn’t not get that dialog box again when i got home and for the next week after that I was spamming fw update button trying to get it back. So no update for me still.

  • peteo

    I got the update!!!

    you can force the update.

    make sure the tv not set to fast start up. This is a setting (I.E when your power down tv totally turns off)
    go to the home screen. Click the menu button. Go to manage applications. Select applications. Scroll down to location. Clear data, stop service. Then go to google services frame work. Clear cache. Clear data, stop service. Power off tv. Wait for around 1 minute. Turn on tv. Go to home, menu then to about. Click on check for update.

    i had to do this 3 times. Then I got the update (might take some longer)

    • Wes

      I turned off my wifi and Ethernet and then reconnected and got it.

    • Singh

      This worked!! Got the update.

      This update sucks! No watchespn app, no dish anywhere app. Wtf did I buy this TV for?

      • RS

        I do not see Applications option under “Manage application” , can you
        please tell as to is there some other option we need to click.

    • sjsaleem

      Is it on LG47G2? i tried many times but it failed to update. Can you explain the detailed steps?

    • RS

      I do not see Applications option under “Manage applications” , can you please tell as to is there some other option we need to click.

  • Ahmed Memic

    Got the 4.2 update on 7900..You are not missing out with 3.2.. the selection of the new apps is still very limitied so I am kind of disapointed.

  • Rick

    Can you still DL Netflix w the update?

  • sjsaleem

    still waiting for LG47G2 update.

    • Kevin Watkins

      Aye, no update as of yet for the LG55G2

  • Hema Him

    LG 47G2
    HI guys, has anyone update their TV yet. i have a problem with the TV after updating it. the control doesn’t work for some reason.

    • Anon

      You need to repair your remote. Mine actually showed me a message with how to do it. Google how to do it.

  • Nina

    Ever since I’ve updated my 47G2-LG I’ve had Nothing but trouble! Netflix doesn’t work anymore ( I’ve disconnected it about 50 times now and I’ve done several factory settings) and it still shows the same problems. My soundbar does not even connect anymore and when I go to my sound settings it shows that I can’t access it since I do not have live TV.

    I’m frustrated! I’ve spend so much money on this TV!!