With Google Glass and Google Chromecast taking up much of the media’s attention these days, Google’s own TV system has taken a backseat. But Google TV fans need not despair, as a pair of trademark filings from LG might mean that the company is looking into a more Google-powered future for their TV sets.

LG last week filed two trademark applications for “LG G TV” and “LG Perfect Picture”. While Perfect Picture could mean anything from TVs to tablet displays to smartphone screens, the G TV name is more telling. LG has recently adopted the single letter “G” to refer to its line of premium devices, starting with the LG G2 smartphone. The G TV, then, could be a Google TV-enable device that would fit snugly into this G ecosystem.

But consumers probably need not wait that long for this “G TV” to become reality. Late last year, LG announced seven, yes seven, new smart TV sets slotted for 2013. With sizes ranging from 42 inches to up to 60 inches, these devices will feature thin bezels, small stands, and tons of options, including, of course, Google TV integration.

Trademark filings, especially as empty as these two, don’t really tell much and just means that LG is reserving the name for future purposes, which could take years. Nonetheless, interested Google TV users might want to keep tabs on the company or look into one of the seven Google TV units when they appear.

VIA: GTVsource


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