The battle for smartphone supremacy between Korean giants Samsung and LG wages on, this time on the battlefield of curved displays shrunk down to the size of phones. While Samsung may have had the first word, nothing will stop LG from unleashing upon the masses its own take of what a curved smartphone should be, with its upcoming LG G Flex rumored to come in November.

The current situation between Samsung and LG looks more like a race to be the first. In this line of business, and especially in this kind of device, it's probably too much to expect players to fight based on something sensible and downright practical. As expected, Samsung took the lead and last week unveiled the Galaxy Round. As far as specs are concerned, the Galaxy Round doesn't sound too bad. It was, however, disappointing to see Samsung deviate from the rather more useful curved display concept it showed earlier this year.

Fortunately or unfortunately, LG isn't bowing out of the game yet. Thanks to these rendered images headed for the press, we're getting a more solid look at what LG has designed for its G Flex. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round, the LG G Flex curves on the opposite axis, from top to bottom. To some extent, this design makes a bit more sense as it could follow the contour of the face. It still remains to be seen what other gimmicks LG has up its sleeves to really sell this unique device.


Whether curving horizontally or vertically, these smartphones will present a formidable challenge to pockets, who are already beset by ever-growing sizes of smartphones, now phablets. We'll just have to wait and see if LG can maximize the benefit of hindsight and put out a more enticing curved smartphone when it launches the LG G Flex next month.

VIA: Engadget

  • raj

    this will make the ‘Viewing Media’ an experience
    I never understood the logic behind the Galaxy Round curve

    • Book Noble

      LG G flex is more logical to use than the Galxy round.
      I believe LG has better engineers and designers than samsung.
      G flex does really look elegant.

      • leo98918

        I agree, but because of the way it curves, it’s number one enemy is the thing most people use to store their phone on them, our pockets…

        I think Samsung just tried to make it innovative but also useful at the same time.

      • raj

        May be..
        Yeah I can understand

      • Qushog

        i can see that, but on the other hand, my wife carrys her phone in her back pockets most of the time. Having the LG curve could be very useful there 🙂

  • jaegerx

    but if the phone is in the pocket, it will look funny as compare to galaxy round. Is like something bulging in the pocket and you cant put the phone horizontally in the pocket unless the pocket is big enough.

  • gmaninvan

    I personally think that the best use of these screens is to provide a horizonal convex surface. Basically opposite what Samsung has done. That way, your fingers would nicely roll off of the side of the device making gestures work really well. This method and what samsung have done horizontally are gimmicky and only provide ergonomic while holding the handset to your ear. For all other uses, it is actually a detriment.

  • michael sanchez

    I sure do want one. I think it would be refreshing to use aomething new and different
    . Ands its about the rigjt countor of my bum.

  • Androidster_XLS

    (as SAMSUNG’s flexible display is).

  • Androidster_XLS

    Galaxy NOTE 3 with “just” UNBREAKABLE-flexible display would be enough WOW to begin with.)

  • clementinesalmassi321

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