Professional photographers and enthusiasts know how essential a solid trigger system is for a successful shoot. We’ve seen versions of remotes for smartphones before, but most of them are limited to one or two DSLR cameras, and don’t add much more functionality than a standard button. Enter Trigger Happy, a smash-hit Kickstarter project that received its full funding today. Trigger Happy is a physical cable adapter and app combo that can control pretty much every function of your DSLR.

Want a time-lapse photo set? Trigger Happy can do that. Want the perfect combination of exposure settings for a high dynamic range shot? Trigger Happy can do that, too. Just want a better interface for getting those full manual shots just right? Well, you get the idea. The magic happens thanks to a customized adapter and head unit that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack, with swappable cables for different camera standards.

The Trigger Happy team plans to make hardware and apps for Android and iOS, and eventually even Windows and Mac. They’re planning to get the hardware out later this month to donators. Funding is over, so you can’t actually pick one up that fast (it got almost ten times its targeted goal!) but they should be available en masse later this year. For another massively successful Android Kickstarter project, check out the Pebble Smart Watch.

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